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Customized Logistics / Just in Time

If your needs have a more " special " nature, please think again of Huijzer Components.

At your request we can provide you with, an invoice or packing list per order-number or per project, duplicate invoices or an additional label run, additional information on the picking-labels preferring to your part number or project and much more.

Many of those competitive, free of cost, features, are available. With this kind of customized logistics you reduce internal handling, minimize the error level and save valuable time.

Also pre-packing or separate forwarding to your assembling facility, for us this are all daily routines, just ask for it. How often do you automatically contact that one supplier for only one kind off odd knob, or how often do you have to visit a supplier, who claims to be the only one for that specific component.

Together with Huijzer Components it is possible to avoid such a situation and to reduce your incoming flow of parcels.

How much time would you save if you could reduce your number of suppliers? Let us consolidate your orders as well. Specifically for this range of products/suppliers we can save you valuable time and... costs.

When you allow us to consolidate your orders we create a solid base from where we can supply Just In Time. (J.I.T.) With J.I.T. you have the utmost benefit of our cooperation.