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Obsolete and Allocated - Read this in Dutch -
Assembly can not start because some components are not available. Either the supplier has no stock, the manufacturer does not support the part anymore or the part(s) are allocated.

Nothing is more frustrating then receive an answer as short as “no” or 'is out of production”. While your regular distributor stops searching,  Huijzer Components continues to search and uses all of our channels. By using our global network you can get access to stocks that otherwise would not be notified.

Our global contacts might help you and solve your problem. That is one of the reasons that many of our clients are brokers and jobbers.

The combination to deliver 'regular' and obsolete / allocated, gives Huijzer Components the advantage you need.

When you take in consideration that we have many 'specials' on stock as well, you can only conclude that Huijzer Components can't be omitted from your list of suppliers.