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In this edition: Infineon Hyperfast-Diodes • ECE various micro-switches Events                                   June 2017
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Rapid1 and Rapid2 Hyperfast-Diodes,
a perfect match.

The 650V Rapid1 and Rapid2 Hyperfast-Diodes (Series IDP.., IDV... and IDW) from INFINEON are a perfect match for CoolMOSMOSFET's or discrete IGBT's like the TRENCHTOP series by INFINEON.

They offer an outst
anding price/performance ratio in AC/DC topologies such as PFCs as well as in the use as free-wheeling diodes in DC/DC topologies.

The Rapid 1 family is optimized for UF (maximum 1.7V) for switching frequencies between 18kHz and 40kHz, while Rapid 2 is optimized for Qrr to provide outstanding performance between 40kHz and 100kHz.

Infineon's Rapid 1 and Rapid 2 diodes are characterized at 650V, stable temperature behavior of the most important electrical parameters, very low noise for improved Eon losses of the boost switch and a softness factor of substantially greater than 1 for an outstanding EMI performance.

For more and detailed information please contact our sales department.

30 May-1 June
Electronics & Applications
Jaarbeurs Utrecht

6-8 June
Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo
Amsterdam Rai

14-15 June
Vision, Robotics & Motion 2017

15 June

19-21 September
Technishe Industriële Vakbeurs

8-9 November
Main Industry 2017

15-16 November


Various micro-switches of ECE, standard available

Standard available at Huijzer Components various micro-switches of ECE.  All ECE micro-switches are available with different kind of plungers such as a standard pin-plunger, straight lever, roller leaver or simulated roller lever.

Depending on the specific type of switch, contact-rating vary from 30-125VAC and from 50mA - 3A. As per your demand there is also a wide choice of terminal styles.

For a full style-overview please contact our sales-desk for all options. All ECE micro-switch part numbers start with EJF ......

Please visit our website and check our database for all models Huijzer Components carry.

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