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In this edition: Goodbye Atmel and Hello Microchip • IXYS, SSR Series Events                                   August 2017
Atmel > Microchip
Data Events:

Goodbye :

After the purchase by MICROCHIP of ATMEL, the name ATMEL will in the end disappear from the market.

For the products already in our stock and older (oft obsolete) series , we will continue to use the name ATMEL. After all these products are initially produced by ATMEL and nobody-else will produce them any more. For the on-going models the brand-name will be changed over the course of time in to MICROCHIP.

It is important to know that regardless the mentioned name in our system or printed name on the part, no product change what so ever will be effected due to this name change.

If you have any further question in regards to this matter please do not hesitate to contact our sales department.

19-21 September
Technishe Industriële Vakbeurs


20-21 September
Advanced Engineering 2017

8-9 November
Main Industry 2017

15-16 November


Solid State Relay with SCR output &
MOSFET output

Finally available for currents up till 5A affordable SSR's for PCB mounting.

The various versions of the SSR series allow load curre
nts between 1A and 5A, have insulation voltages of 3.75kV or 2.5kV and have a different SIP4 housing depending on the specific output function. Depending on the required current and voltage, various models are also available in SMD package to meet today's standard for PCB design.

For SCR output please refer to the PS 12xx  or CPC 19xx series and for the MOSFET output please refer to the CPC 1xxx series.

All new IXYS photovoltaic relays and solid state relays are now available at Huijzer Components.

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