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News items

Huijzer Components
Metal can components, still available in many varieties.

At Huijzer Components we still stock many different kind of metal can true-hole components. Due to our more then 35 years of experience we are still able to source the most parts our clients are looking for. When a certain part is really completely exhaust we have the knowledge to advise for a replacement part. When ever possible, drop-in compatible of cause.

Depending on your wishes it can also be time for a full re-design of your PCB. Re-design of your PCB or re-development of certain schematics is also an in-house service we provide. As no information will leave our office, confidentiality is no issue. But fast results supplied with full gerber-files is why you choose Huijzer Components.

In case you have any questions to above topics, do not hesitate but send us your request.

We are looking forward to receive your request. 

Taiwan Semiconductor
New LED Drivers deliver a constant LED current up to 2A with up to 91% efficiency.

New LED drivers from Taiwan Semiconductor deliver a constant LED current up to 2A with up to 91% efficiency. Meeting today's efficiency demands.

Taiwan Semiconductor offers highly efficient solutions for controlling white LEDs based on buck or boost converters with its LED constant current drivers of the TS193, TS194, TS196 and TS197 series. 

The booster-driver TS19371CX6 of TSC in 6-pin SOT23 package for driving white LEDs, for example, meets all requirements of a modern LED driver switching regulator. Operating at l
ow supply voltage (9V to 15V) fast switching frequency (1.2MHz), high efficiency (up to 89%), high constant adjustable LED current (up to 350mA), flexibility (different LED configurations can be driven) and dimming (0% to 100%).
Besides the TS19371 we have added 7 more LED drivers from TSC to our program; TS19377CS, TC19378CS, TS 19450CS, TS19451, TS19452, TS 19601CP5 and TS19702.

Depending on the internal driver a constant current up to 2A is available or even more for the TS19450 and TS19702 who both work with an external N/MOS driver.

For more and detailed information, please contact our sales department. 

ST Microelectronics
Very fast PowerMESH™ IGBT's

Using the latest high voltage technology based on a patented strip layout, STMicroelectronics has designed an advanced family of IGBTs, the PowerMESH™ IGBTs, with outstanding performances. The suffix “H” identifies a family optimized for high frequency application in order to achieve very high switching performances (reduced t fall) maintaining a low voltage drop.

The series is available from 360V-600V & 15A-60A.
All models are packed in an comprehensive D²Pak.

At Huijzer Components we support the following models;

For more and detailed information please contact our sales department.

CAN-Bus-Controller and Peripheral

High speed CAN-bus controllers provides an interface between a Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol controller and the physical two-wire CAN bus. Most TJA 10xx transceivers are designed for high speed (up to 1 Mbit/s) CAN applications in the automotive industry, providing differential transmit and receive capability to (a micro-controller with) a CAN protocol controller.

The TJA104x and TJA 105x models offer improved ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD) performance and also features:

Ideal passive behaviour to the CAN bus when the supply voltage is off.
Direct interfacing to micro-controllers with 3V to 5V supply voltages.
Another advantage of the NXP CAN-bus controllers is their focus for protection.

High ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD) handling capability on the bus pins.
Bus pins protected against transients in automotive environments.
Transmit Data (TXD) dominant time-out function.
Undervoltage detection on pins VCC and VIO.
Thermally protected.

At Huijzer Components we support among others; TJA 1040, TJA1041, TJA1042, TJA1043, TJA1050, TJA1051, TJA1054 and TJA1055. Depending on the exact part-number, various packages are available.

For detailed specifications, prices and stock please do not hesitate and contact our sales department.

New power-supplies for hears environments

Especially for our diverse customers, we have added the new OWA series from MEANWELL to our product-range.

The OWA 60E series from Mean Well has a housing with IP67 protection and has been developed by the already on the market available OWA 90E series.

Herewith Meanwell corresponds to the strong need for a reliable 60W AC/DC power supply for use in extremely dusty and damp conditions. With an efficiency of 91% and a low idle consumption of less than 0.15W, this power-supply meets the power Ecodesign Directive.

For more information about the OWA 60E, OWA-90E or OWA-120E series, please visit
MEANWELL or contact our sales department.

Tyco Electronics
Expanded range of TYCO relays available.
By popular demand Huijzer Components has again considerably expanded the range of TYCO relays. Over the last few months we have added several hundred models of new relays to our product-range. With the takeover of SCHRACK, AXICOM, POTTER & BRUMFIELD and many others, it justified to say that TYCO has become the leading manufacturer in a wide spectrum of various relay applications.

On of the latest additions are the V 23050-xxx series SAFETY RELAYS. Standard equipped with four independent switches and available in various configurations.

Please check our website for all new additions. In case you are missing your popular models, please give us a notification, we have an open mind for new additions.

For detailed specifications, prices and stock please do not hesitate and contact our sales department.

Linear Technology
LTC4380, an ultra low quiescent current (IQ) surge stopper.

The LTC4380 is an ultra low quiescent current (IQ) surge stopper, providing compact over-voltage and over-current protection for always-on 4V to 72V electronics in automotive, industrial and avionic systems.

The LTC4380 replaces traditional shunt circuits composed of bulky inductors, capacitors, transient voltage suppressors (TVS), and fuses with a simple IC and series N-channel MOS-FET solution, saving board space and enabling continuous operation through transient voltage or current surges.

The LTC4380 protects downstream electronics from input over-voltage up to the MOS-FET rating, while also protecting the power supply from output overload. Device current consumption is a mere 8μA in normal operation and 6μA in shut-down mode, prolonging battery run and standby time.

As of now available at Huijzer Components. For more information please contact our sales-desk.

New in program, the FK series of Panasonic


New at Huijzer Components, for you, we have added the new aluminum electrolytic capacitors of the FK series of Panasonic into the program. The FK series offers significant space savings compared to the Panasonic electrolytic capacitors of the previous generation.

An example
When proven FK series in case size 6.3 x 7.7mm, with a ripple current of 280mA and an impedance of 0.34 ohms, has been able to have a capacity of 330μF be realized. The new FK Series contrast achieved with the same cup size and same specifications a capacity of 470μF.

For detailed specifications, prices and stock please do not hesitate and contact our sales department.

MPE Garry
Micro USB-connectors

New by MPE Garry and new at Huijzer Components micro USB-connectors in both type B and type AB. The four new models in the 712 series contains two models for SMD mounting (712-1-S-BS0, 712-2-S-BS0) as well as two type B models for cable mounting (712-3-S-BS0 and 712-4-S-BS0)

All four MPE Garry Connectors of the 712 series have high
quality phosphor bronze contacts which are selectively gold plated, placed in a housing made of high-temperature thermoplastic (UL94V-0).

The new MPE Garry connectors series 712 are designed for a rated voltage of 30V and a breakdown voltage of 100V (for 1 min.). The operating temperature range is between -30 and + 80 °C.

For more details or technical information please contact our sales department.

Cypress Semiconductor
For a wide range of Low power &  Low Voltage SRAM's

As one of the leading manufactures CYPRESS semiconductor has a wide variety of SRAM's in both 8 bit and 16 bit . These SRAM's are available in a capacity of 256K-bit till 32M-bit.

Depending on the series and model the SRAM's are available in 5V and in 3.3V and with standby currents as low as 4µA.

Of cause all packages meet today's standards. For this purpose the SRAM's are available in standard SOP, as well as TSOP(I) and TSOP(II) .

For detailed specifications, prices and stock  please do not hesitate and contact our sales department.

New by Wolfspeed(former CREE),
A complete line of SiC Schottky diodes 

The Wolfspeed silicon carbide diodes are available in the following packages TO220AC FULLPAK, TO247-2, TO247-3 and D²Pak for SMD assembly.

For space-saving applications, the latest Wolfspeed additions in 650V are also available in TO220AC case. Components that are based on wide-bandgap materials such as silicon carbide (SiC) or gallium nitride (GaN), are the future of power electronics. As semiconductor material SiC offers important advantages over ordinary silicon:

The technical parameters
of SiC semiconductors do hardly dependent on temperature, SiC semiconductors have no Recovery-delay, switch extremely fast and have thereby only low circuit losses.

also requires less effort for cooling the power semiconductor. This lowers ultimately the overall system cost of applications.

These parts can be found on our website by typing C 3D or C 4D.
For more detailed information please visit our website our contact our sales department.

New in our assortment, FUJITSU SY Relays

Specially developed for the most sensitive and reliable circuits. The SY series are standard equipped with gold-plated silver contacts and an operating temperature range of -30°C to +90°, this makes them extremely versatile to apply. Besides this all FUJITSU SY models are equipped with a high sensitive coil wath causes a very low power-consumption of only 150...175mW. On top of this all relays are IP-67 approved.

The FUJITSU SY models have standard  1 exchange contact with a contact rating of 1A.

At Huijzer Components we currently support the SY 5-K, SY 12-K and SY 24-K.
For more technical details or pricing, please contact our sales department.

SCHAFFNER supplies a full range of mains filters, single and multiple phase

To guarantee protection against interference, SCHAFFNER supplies a full range of mains filters, single and multiple phase.

To select the right filter for your application, SCHAFFNER introduced the short-form catalog.

In order to meet the most common demands, we at Huijzer Components have added various models mains-filters & line-filters to our standard delivery program.

These addition cover the range from 1A to 16A and are available in panel-mount models, PCB models as well as IEC inlet models, with or without different kind of integrated mains switches.

In order to give an impression of the models we have added, please check a selection below:

- FN405 to FN410
- FN2010 & FN2030
- FN9222 & FN9223
- FN660, FN 2060 & FN2070

Depending of your selection SCHAFFNER filters are produced in a fully encapsulated housing or a compact metal housing. To see all additions please visit and check our website.

If you would like to receive the above SCHAFFNER
short-form catalog in a comprehensive pfd format please do not hesitate and contact our sales-desk.

New by PANASONIC; hybrid SMD Capacitors

In this Month's newsletter special attention for the latest ZA & ZC series SMD hybrid capacitors.

These capacitors have a high rating when it comes to low ESR and high ripple current. Both series have a high rated voltage up to 60V (ZC) or 80V (Series ZA) on a service life of 10,000 h at 105 °C (Series ZA) or 4,000h at 125 °C (ZC).

Both series of Panasonic Hybrid SMD capacitors correspond to a conductive polymer type aluminum electrolytic capacitor and have a very small change in characteristics over temperature and frequency. The hybrid SMD electrolytic capacitors ZC and ZA from Panasonic are now available from our stock or with a very short lead-time.

For detailed specifications, prices and stock, as well as available data sheets, please do not hesitate and contact our sales department.

IGBT, Inverters & IGBT Brake Choppers

As of today we have added a wide range of INFINEON IGBT power products to our standard delivery inventory. The addition contains of both IGBT-Diode modules as well as Converter-brake -Inverter modules. Available in a range of 600V to 1700V and 22A to 230A.

Of cause various new and popular packages, such as the EconoPACKTM 4 and 62mmC-series are present in our selection, but also many classic models are still available up on request.

For a first impression, please check the preliminary listing below.

BSM 15GP120 /INF FF 75R12YT3 /INF      
FF 100R12RT4 /INF  
FF 150R12YT3 /INF  
FF 300R12KE3 /INF
FF 400R12KE3 /INF
FP 15R06W1E3 /INF
FP 15R12KT3 /INF
FP 25R12KT4_B15 /INF
FP 25R12W2T4 /INF
FP 30R06KE3 /INF  
FP 30R06W1E3 /INF  
FP 35R12W2T4 /INF  
FP 40R12KE3 /INF  
BSM 150GT120DN2 /INF
FP 50R06KE3 /INF  
BSM 200GA120DN2 /INF
FP 50R12KE3 /INF  
FP 75R12KE3 /INF  
  FS 25R12W1T4 /INF  
  FS 35R12W1T4 /INF  
  FS 50R06W1E3 /INF  
  FS 50R17KE3_B17 /INF  
  FS 150R12KE3 /INF  
  FS 150R12PT4 /INF  

Looking for other models? please contact our sales department.

Bourns products, (trimmer-)potentiometer

At Huijzer Components we are strong in BOURNS products, especially (trimmer-) potentiometers in true hole and SMT.

Regardless whether it is a classic 3296 or 3386 model or one of the latest SMT models such as 3214, 3314 or TC33X, we are looking forward to your requirements.

Please check the overview below for the most popular models

For more specifications or more detailed information, please contact our sales department.

Reduced pricing of the HS 400XX series

As a leading manufacture in printed circuit transformers and over the years electronic transformers as well, HAHN has seriously reduced the prices of their latest HS 400xx series.

This price reduction effects all below AD-DC converters:

HS 40003.3
HS 40005
HS 40009
HS 40012
HS 40015
HS 40018
HS 40024

Due to the wide input from 85 to 265VAC these converters can be applied in almost any situation.

When you are looking for a space as well as cost effective solution for the power-section of you PCB please contact our sales department for more technical details.

Abracon, TXC, Epson

We have expanded our stock
¼" throu
gh hole crystals !


As of today we support over 35 frequencies from stock and ha
ve access to much more frequencies, all available within a few days.

As processes change and uProcessors are getting fast and
faster we have added different new frequencies. If there are any frequencies you'd like to see added as it is one of "your popular frequencies", please do not hesitate and contact our sales desk, we'll look through the possibilities then.

At present we support the frequencies below:

QTZS 3.072000 QTZS 6.000000
QTZS 13.824000
QTZS 3.579000 QTZS 6.144000
QTZS 15.000000
QTZS 3.579545 QTZS 7.372800
QTZS 16.000000
QTZS 3.686400 QTZS 7.680000
QTZS 18.432000
QTZS 4.000000
QTZS 8.000000
QTZS 20.000000
QTZS 4.096000
QTZS 8.388600
QTZS 22.118400
QTZS 4.194304
QTZS 9.216000
QTZS 24.000000
QTZS 4.322000
QTZS 9.830400
QTZS 24.576000
QTZS 4.433619
QTZS 10.000000
QTZS 25.000000
QTZS 4.915200
QTZS 11.059200
QTZS 27.000000
QTZS 5.000000
QTZS 12.000000
QTZS 30.000000
QTZS 5.500000
QTZS 12.288000
QTZS 32.000000
    QTZS 40.000000

These crystals are all of major brands, such as:

or other A brands.

For more information please check our website or contact our sales department.

New by NINGBO, DC-DC Converter wit dual USB outlet socket

As a leading manufacture for car-sockets and rocker-switches in the automotive industry, NINGBO introduced a dual-output USB-socket with build in DC-DC converter.

With an input-voltage of 6-30VDC this converter-socket is very easy to apply in both cars 12VDC as well as in trucks 24VDC. This socket comes standard with a dust/splash-proof protection-cover.

One output is suited for 5V 1A while the second output can be used up till 2.1A

The dual output makes it possible to work with
one device while another device is charging.

For more information check our website for USB 2PF 6-30VDC or contact our sales department.

Taiwan Semiconductor
New by Taiwan Semiconductor 2SC 5658

Available in various HFE rankings this "small signal" transistor can be applied in many applications.

Ordering information:
Part No. Package Packing Packing
Packing code
2SC5658-Q SOT-723 8K / 7" Reel RM RMG BQ
2SC5658-R SOT-723 8K / 7" Reel RM RMG BR
2SC5658-S SOT-723 8K / 7" Reel RM RMG BS

Epitaxial planar die construction

Surface device type mounting
Moisture sensitivity level 1

Low Cab
Pb free version and RoHS compliant

Green compound (Halogen free) with suffix "G" on packing code and prefix "G" on date code

At Huijzer Components all types are available with a MPQ of 100 pcs.

For more information please check our website or contact our sales department.

Hammond Manufacturing
Hammond, handheld instrument enclosures

One of the most popular series by HAMMOND is the 1593 series. Available in various sizes from 66x66x28mm till 140x66x28mm.

All models are made of ABS and available in black or grey. The entire enclosure exists out of separate elements, what makes it very easy to apply certain operations such as drilling or milling.

Depending of the exact model, some models come with a battery compartment for a complete all in one solution.

At Huijzer Components we support amongst others;

■ 1593KBK
■ 1593KGY
■ 1593LBK
■ 1593NBK
■ 1593SBK
■ 1593XBK

Other models or different colours available upon request. Just visit our website and discover all Hammond Enclosures.

Mean Well, the new DRC-100 series

As the demand for high power DIN-rail power-supplies is still increasing, MEANWELL introduces the new DRC-100 series. In line with the DRC-40 & DRC-60 models the DRC-100 has an additional charger output with a smaller rated current, enabling the backup power supply application the security access system req

The DRC-100 accepts a universal input  between 90VAC and 264VAC, and supplies 13.8VDC and 27.6VDC at output respectively. With an efficiency up to 89% it can operate with air convection cooling under -30°C through 70°C

In addition to the key protection features such as overload protection, over voltage protection, battery low cut off and battery reverse polarity protection (by fuse), the alarm signal for AC OK and battery low signaling is provided via relay output, to facilitate the system design.
At present we support at Huijzer Components:

■ DRC 40A
■ DRC 40B
■ DRC 60A
■ DRC 60B
■ DRC 100A
■ DRC 100B

For more detailed or technical information, please contact our sales department.

Chicago Miniature Lightning, LLC
Panel mount LED indicator lamps

New at Huijzer Components, panel mount LED indicator lamps by CML. Available in 24VDC, 24V AC/DC & 230VAC these indicator lamps are very versatile to apply. At Huijzer Components we support the 8mm models in a chrome outward bezel as well as in a chrome inward bezel, while the 16mm models are supported with a flat black bezel. Both models are approved for IP67, what allows you to apply these indicator lamps both indoor as well as outdoor.

Depending on the applied voltage the rated current is only 9/17mA.

All indicator lamps are available in quantities as of 5 pieces each. Check our website to see the most actual pricing.

Some of the models we support are listed below:

19040351 /CML 8mm Green LED Indicator 24VDC
19040352 /CML
8mm Yellow LED Indicator 24VDC
19040353 /CML
8mm Red LED Indicator 24VDC
19040357 /CML
8mm Blue LED Indicator 24VDC
19080350 /CML
8mm Red LED Indicator 24V AC/DC
19080355 /CML
8mm Green LED Indicator 24V AC/DC
19080355W /CML
8mm White LED Indicator 24V AC/DC
19080357 /CML
8mm Blue LED Indicator 24V AC/DC
19371350 /CML 16mm Red LED Indicator 24VDC
19371352 /CML
16mm Yellow LED Indicator 24VDC
19371355 /CML
16mm Green LED Indicator 24VDC
1937135W /CML
16mm White LED Indicator 24VDC
19401230 /CML
16mm Red LED Indicator 230VAC
19401232 /CML
16mm Yellow LED Indicator 230VAC
19401235 /CML
16mm Green LED Indicator 230VAC

For more technical information or more other models, please contact  our sales department.

Zettler Electronics
The latest addition, the AZ 763 series

Known for many years and still on top with new innovation.

Have a look at the latest addition by ZETTLER, the AZ 763 series. Especially suited for PCB mounting with a switching current capacity of 12 Ampere.

The AZ 763 series are standard equipped in a dielectric strength
of 5000 Vrms and are available in SPDT and SPST. In order to arrange a wide range of application, ZETTLER has decided to have the AZ 763 serie available with many different coil voltages. In the DC range the coil-voltage is available from 3VDC to110VDC while for the AC range can be chosen from 12VAC to 240VAC.

Currently we support: AZ763-1C-5DE, AZ763-1C-12DE & AZ763-1C-24DE

Some other advantages are: Low height: 15.7 mm,  Epoxy sealed version available, Isolation spacing greater than 10 mm, Full UL, CUR file E43203Reinforced insulation, EN 60730-1
(VDE 0631, part 1),  EN 60335-1 (VDE 0700, part 1).

For even more advantages, please contact our sales department.

Tubular FAN's , new at Huijzer Components

Produced by SUNON and available at Huijzer Components, tubular FAN's in various sizes and available in different supply voltages. All models are equipped with the latest state of the art technology. Vapo bearings with SUNON's Magnetic Levitation System is the standard for all models and of cause all models are approved to UL94V-0.

Depending on the size of the fan the available capacity goes from 3,2m³/h to 22,4m³/h, all this with a very modest noise level of only 10,5dBA to 16,1dBA.

Currently supported models are available in 5VDC & 12VDC

The models we have added to our standard inventory are;


Looking for other sizes, a different voltage or more technical documentation ?, please contact our sales department.

Introducing a new model Solid State Relay Timer for DC voltage

In addition to the popular Solid State Relay Timers from CRYDOM suited for AC voltages, a new model for DC voltage has been introduced.

Named DRTL06D06, this new model is capable of switching 48VDC at 6A with a control voltage of 12-24V AC or DC. The compact size of only 11mm wide, allows you to mount it on to almost any DIN-rail. The allowable delay-time is programmable from 0,1 sec up-till 100 hours. This makes the DRTL06D06 very versatile and easy to apply at various occasions.

For prices and detailed information please contact our sales department.

The new TRENCHSTOP™ 5 IGBT technology from Infineon.

The new TRENCHSTOP™ 5 IGBT technology from Infineon redefines the
“Best-in-Class IGBT” by providing unmatched performance in terms of efficiency. When high efficiency, lower system costs and increased reliability are demanded, TRENCHSTOP™ 5 is the only option.

Features and Benefits:

High speed F5 technology offering
- Best-in-Class efficiency in hard switching and resonant topologies
- 650V breakdown voltage
- Low QG
- IGBT copacked with RAPID 1 fast and soft antiparallel diode
- Maximum junction temperature 175°C
- Qualified according to JEDEC for target applications
- Pb-free lead plating; RoHS compliant
- Complete product spectrum and PSpice Models

Typical applications:
- Solar converters
- Uninterruptible power supplies
- Welding converters
- Mid to high range frequency converters

For more detailed information please visit our website or contact our sales department.

Electronic Assembly
Extended display sizes for the EAEDIPTFT  series.

As successors of the EAEDIPTFT43A, a 4.3" graphic display with build-in intelligence, Electronic Assembly introduces a 3.2" and a large 7" model.

The EAEDIPTFT32A has a resolution of 320x240 pixels while the EAEDIPTFT70A comes with 800x480 pixels. Both new models are 16b full-colour (65536 colours) and are standard equipped with LED back-light.

4MB on-board flash memory and 3 different (on board) interfaces, RS232  I²C and SPI, allows you to implement these displays in almost any application.


All 3 models are also available with touch panel, simply add -TP to the part-number for the order-code.

For more and detailed information please contact our sales department or visit

Freescale Semiconductor
New Kinetis Microcontrollers

New ARM Controller families for Kinetis E and Kinetis L Freescale ARM Corte-M0 + for ultra-low-power applications.

New applications increasingly require higher computing power and at the same time minimal power consumption. Therefore more and more micro-controllers with ARM Cortex-core will be used in today's applications.

To meet the increasing demand for this energy-saving 32-bit ARM controllers, we are continuously expanding our range of ARM controllers. Currently we support the following models;

At a glance we have selected the most important highlights of the new ARM controller family below;

Operating characteristics:
- Voltage range: 2.7 to 5.5 V
- Flash write voltage range: 2.7 to 5.5 V
- Temperature range (ambient): -40 to 105°C

- Up to 20 MHz ARM® Cortex-M0+ core
- Single cycle 32-bit x 32-bit multiplier
- Single cycle I/O access port

Memories and Memory interfaces:
- Up to 64 KB flash
- Up to 128 B EEPROM
- Up to 4 KB RAM

For more information please visit Freescale or contact our sales department.

New by RED FREQUENCY; 433.92 Mhz SAW resonators

As of today available at Huijzer Components the three most popular models of Red Frequency SAW resonators. The ISSR433.92-75-TO39 & ISSR433.92-75-F11 in a vacuum sealed metal can for conventional application and the ISSR433.92-75-DCC6C (sized only 3x3x1,5mm) in a metal-ceramic package for SMD purposes. Please check the image below for the representative out-lines.

All three models have are very good electrical properties, very low in ageing by use of selected materials and a high DC insulation resistance. The good temperature stability makes SAW filter of Red Frequency the choice for demanding applications, where it depends on absolute reliability and reproducibility, such as wireless networking and telemetry applications.

For more information please visit our web-site or contact our sales department.

Fast, faster, fastest, meet the latest additions of ST´s second generation 600V tandem diodes

It has ultra-low switching-losses with a minimized QRR (6.5 nC) that makes it perfect for use in circuits working in hard-switching mode. These devices offer a new positioning giving more flexibility to power-circuit designers looking for good performance, while still respecting cost constraints.

Featuring ST's second generation 600V technology, the devices are particularly suited as a boost diode in continuous conduction mode power factor correction circuits. All new models are standard packed in a fully isolated TO-220 package

Some physical new part numbers are STTH 8ST06DI, STTH 8T06DI, STTH 12T06DI & STTH 1210DI.

Please visit our website or contact our sales-desk for more and detailed information.


DIN-RAIL enclosures models MR x/CB and
MR x/AR.

More and more ELBAG enclosure will become available as standard stock items at Huijzer Components. This months addition effects the DIN-RAIL enclosures models MR x /CB and for some models the MR x /AR versions who are standard equipped with ventilation-slots.

The modular DIN-RAIL enclosures of ELBAG excel in flexibility, clever interior design that ensures easy mounting of various parts inside the enclosure and as off 500 pieces all kind of custom options.

Some models added this month;  MR 1/CB, MR 2/CB and MR 6/AR.

For all new additions please visit our web-site or contact our sales department.

Cypress Semiconductor
Price breakthrough, a pin to pin replacement for the FT 232 !

For the two most applied models FT232RL & FT232RQ, the CY7C65213-28PVXI and the CY7C65213-32LTXI are pin to pin compatible replacements. When changing to these Cypress parts, you intermediately benefit of their low pricing. Depending on quantity, prices of the CY7C65213... go as low as € 1.59 each.

More advantages are a lower VCC. The CY7C65213... starts already at 1.71V (3.3V for the FT232) and even more important (especially for mobile applications), is the stand-by current of only 5uA (70uA for the FT232).

For more clever USB to UART solutions by Cypress in SO, SSOP, QFN or TQFP package, please check our website or visit Cypress.

Infineon Technologies

600V CoolMOS TM C6 Power Transistor

CoolMOS TM is a revolutionary technology for high voltage power MOSFET's, designed according to super junctions(SJ) principle and pioneered by Infineon Technologies. CoolMOS TM C6 series combines the experience of the leading SJ MOSFET supplier with high class innovation.

The offered devices provide all benefits of a fast switching SJ MOSFET while not sacrificing ease of use. Extremely low switching and conduction losses, make switching applications even more efficient, more compact, lighter and cooler. Even with a default Vds of at least 600V, RDS(on) goes a low as 0.045 Ohm at an ID of 46A.

At Huijzer Components we support the "classic TO-220 package" with the IPP.. range and the TO-220 FullPAK models with the IPA .. range.

Please visit our website to discover the full disclosure of both new series. For more details please contact our sales department. For more technical information please visit Infineon.

New to our program, fan-seals

New in our program, fan-seals manufactured by Richco. Made from black silicone rubber, FGA seals series meet the requirements of Shore A and are specified by RMS-101.

The Richco fan-seals allow flush-mounting of the fan with the housing-wall and absorb vibrations from the fan.

The seals of Richco are available in 7 sizes from 40x40 to 120x120mm and can be used both for DC fans as for AC fans.

t-number example FGA 40 (for the 40x40mm model)

The seals are pulled over the fan and mounted together with this, so no additional mounting hardware is required. The fan-seals of Richco are immediately available from stock or with a delivery less then one week.

For detailed technical information, current pricing and stock information as well as data sheets please visit our website or contact our sales desk.

NXP Semiconductors

RF Power Transistors, new added BFQ, BFR & BLT models

In addition to our wide range of RF Power Transistors, we have added some interesting RF power transistors of NXP; BFQ, BFR & BLT series into our program.

Where the 
RF power transistors of the BLT series are designed for lower
RF frequencies up to 900MH, the new added BFQ & BFR models are suited for frequencies up till 9GHz. Depending of the exact model, these transistors offer high RF power gains of more than 8 dB with a power dissipation of 2,1W.

Some examples:  BFQ67, BLT70 & BFR520.

For other NXP RF power transistors please visit our website or contact our sales department.

Cypress Semiconductor
New models NV-SRAM and F-RAM

Cypress introduced new models NV-SRAM (nonvolatile SRAM) and F-RAM (ferroelectric RAM).

Applications that require non-volatile memories are often still equipped with EEPROM or flash memory, although the ferroelectric RAM(FRAM) by Cypress would be a better 1:1 hardware replacement. Especially in applications with very frequent read and writes actions that require long data retention.

The ferroelectric RAMs of Cypress provide compared to conventional EEPROMs or flash memories, an up to 500-fold writing spe
ed compared to typical EEPROMs, the possibility to write at the standard supply voltage, 100 trillion (1014) read / write cycles and 38 years data retention at 75°C Ta.

New Cypress NV-SRAM and F-RAM in our program are mainly more versions of the serial SPI and I²C FRAM in miniature SMD package, TDFN8 and the separate listing of all SO8 and TDFN8 types on tape.

For more information and the complete availability, please visit our website or contact our sales-desk. Part numbers for the above models start with FM 24..... or FM

Huijzer Components

Pre-assembled wire to board connectors

New at Huijzer Components pre-assembled wire to board connection cables up till 20 contacts. 


■ Number of contacts: (see part number)
■ Wire Length: 20 cm
■ Voltage rating: 50V DC max
■ Current rating: 3 A max
■ Applicable PCB thickness: 1.6 mm
Housing: nylon 66, UL94V-0
Terminal: brass/tin plated
■ Pitch: 2.54 mm

Part numbers and supported models with a moq. of 100 pieces.
Other models available up on request with a moq of 1000 pieces.

■ BTWF 2
■ BTWF 3
■ BTWF 4
■ BTWF 5
■ BTWF 6
■ BTWF 8
■ BTWF 10
■ BTWF 15
■ BTWF 20

For more information please contact our sales-department.


New at Huijzer Components,
4mm banana sockets.

In a range from 36A to 200A Schützinger has exactly the panel-mount socket you need. All models are fully isolated and available in various colors.

Depending on current the sockets are divided like:

■ POL 6718 36A
POL 631    63A
POL 102    100A
POL 201    200A

Please contact our sales department or visit
Schützinger for more detailed information.
our website for all models and all available color variations.

New by SUNON  IP68 fans for a harsh environment.

With the introduction of the latest GE & GF series, this are the first fans in our delivery-program that are fully suited for a harsh environment. Where other fans only have bonded cases or some kind of protective coating, the IP68 models by SUNON have a completely encapsulated PCB, coil and connector. Optional s
ome models are available with an additional protection for corrosive environments. These models are well suited for harsh environments like telecommunication applications, LED based outdoor lightning, but also for trucks and production plants.

Some indicative part-numbers:

GF80251B2-000U-AE9 (80x25mm)
GF92251B1-000U-AE9 (92x25mm)

Almost all models are available in 12VDC, 24VDC & 48VDC. This makes these models very versatile to apply.

For all available models and accurate pricing please visit our website or contact our sales department.

Atmel Corporation

The RF Controllers, AT86RF230-ZU and AT86RD231-ZU from Atmel.

With the two RF controllers AT86RF230-ZU & AT86RF231-ZU from Atmel we would like to appeal to all users who already work with ZigBEE/IEEE 802.15.4 wireless applications or those where ZigBEE/IEEE 802.15.4 or 6LoWPAN, RF4CE or ISM could be an issue in the future.

In both ICs from Atmel a 2.4GHz transceiver module provides a programmable output power of -17dBm to +3dBm at an input sensitivity of only -101dBm.

For the construction of a complete
RF transceiver application only a few external components such as a crystal, capacitors and antenna are required.

RF transceiver AT86RF230-ZU &  AT86RF231-ZU are characterized by an ultra-low power consumption of only 20nA in sleep mode and 14mA (AT86RF231-ZU) or 16,5mA (AT86RF230-ZU) at maximum output power of 3 dBm +. The RF transceiver devices from Atmel are housed in QFN32 package and have excellent ESD robustness.

For more detailed information please or contact our sales department.

Mean Well
The LDH-45x Series of Mean Well

After the introduction of step-down DC/DC converter for LED lighting Mean Well has expanded its program to the powerful step-up converter series LDH-45 with constant current output.

The LED driver
LDH-45A has an input voltage range of 9 to 18V DC and the LDH-45B from 18 to 32V DC. Both types are available with output currents of 350mA, 500mA, 700mA and 1050mA. The LDH-45x series have an integrated PWM and analog dimming and ON/OFF Remote Control.

The LDH-45 step-up DC/DC converters have a very high efficiency of up to 95% and can be operated with a conventional airflow at ambient temperatures between -40 and + 70°C. As connection options you can choose between pins for PCB mounting or strands. All Mean Well LDH-45x LED driver series are protected against short circuit, over-voltage and under-voltage.

Please contact our sales desk for more and detailed information.

Taiwan Semiconductor

1200V IGBT+FRED, the new TSG... series,
power-rating of 125W-312W in TO-3PN & TO-264

These new IGBT's using proprietary trench design and advanced NPT technology, the 1200V NPT IGBT offers superior conduction and switching performances, high avalanche ruggedness and easy parallel operation.

Due to the advanced NPT technology, Taiwan Semiconductor managed to keep this king of power in leaded packages.

Up to 50A the parts are packed in: 
As of 60A the parts are packed in:

Both devices are well suited for the resonant or soft switching application such as induction heating, microwave oven, etc.

Check out our website to discover the complete range of new TSG models. Amongst others: TSG 40N12CE.


New at Huijzer Components the FN-400 series

The FN-400 series PCB filters, are single-phase filters designed for easy and fast PCB-mounting. Choosing the FN-400 series brings you the rapid availability of standard filters associated with the necessary safety acceptance.

Standard PCB single-phase filters are a practical solution helping you to pass EMI system approval in a short time. A selection on current-rating is designed to offer you the desired standard product.

Within the range of these models currents of 1A - 6.5A are available.

The new addition at Huijzer Components contains the FN 405, FN 406, FN 409 an
d FN 410 Series.

All models are available with short lead-times or already from stock. Please check our website for the complete range of PCB mount single-phase filters. 

Please contact our sales desk for more and detailed information.

Spiral Wrap Band
Spiral Wrapping Bands

Upon request Huijzer Components adds various new products to it's assortment. One of the latest additions is spiral wrapping band, produced of Halogen-free black Polyethylene. To begin with we have started with black spiral wrapping band. Depending on the response we get different colors may follow.

This kind of wrapping band is cost effective and due to the wide temperature-range very versatile to apply in almost any application. To prevent any inconvenience while applying the spiral wrapping band, the wrapping band is supplied in a practical dispenser.

Technical Specifications:

Material: Halogen-free Polyethylene
Min. Operating Temp.: 
Max. operating Temp.:

Color: Black
Length: 10-50 mtr. depending on wrap size

 Colorfast: UV stabilized
Part number:  SPT xx UV

For more information, special sizes, different colors please contact our sales department.

Single Output Battery Charger

New by MEANWELL a complete range of single output battery chargers. With the idea we should be able to charge a battery everywhere, all battery charges have a wide input-range of 90...264V AC/127...370V DC and of cause suited for 47...63Hz.

These chargers are available in 4 ranges; 120W, 160W, 220W & 330W


■ 2 stage charging characteristic
■ Universal AC input / Full range

■ Built-in active PFC function, PF>0.95

■ 3 pole AC inlet IEC320-C14
■ Class I Power (with earth pin)

■ Protections: Short circuit / Over voltage / Over temperature
■ Fanless design, cooling by free air convection

■ No load power consumption <1W
■ 2 color LED indicator for charging status
■ Approvals: TUV / UL / CUL / CB / FCC / CE

Order code:  GC 120A....., GC 160A....., GC 220A..... & GC 330A.....

For more detailed information please contact our sales department.

Highly sensitive 1500V FCC surge withstanding miniature relay

In addition to our previous announcement, we have added more new models of Panasonic's DS2E... range.

The new DS2E series is fully compatible with the prior DS2 series.  With other words still all the benefits but now with an extended current rating of 3A.

High sensitivity: 200mW pick-up power
Latching types available
High switching capacity: 60W, 125VA
High breakdown voltage: 1,500V FCC surge between open contacts
                                    1,000V AC between open contacts
ted contacts are standard

At present we support the following models; DS2E-S 5V, DS2E-S 12V & DS2E-S 24V

Also new in our product range is the LD-P series of Panas

The LD-P series have a nominal switching capacity of 5A
at 277VAC. With an operational ambient temperature of -40°C to -85°C the application for this relay are almost endless.

Typical applications for this model are:

■ Boilers
■ Air conditioner
■ Refrigerator
■ Hot water units
■ Microwave ovens
■ Fan heaters

Further more these parts have an excellent heat resistance and tracking performance. All in accordance with EN 60695.

At present we support the following models; ALDP-1 12V & ALDP-1 24V

For more details or more technical specifications please visit our website or contact our sales-desk.

Microchip Technology
A whole new range of Li-ION/Li-Polymer charger management controllers.

More and more components become available to support efficient power management. One manufacturer, present from the first hour this technology became available, is MICROCHIP.

In order to improve power management, a whole new range of Li-ION/Li-Polymer, charger management controllers has been introduced.

The models in question are ; MCP73812, MCP73831, MCP73832, MCP73833 & MCP73834.

At Huijzer Components all these models are supported in the popular SOT-23-5 package.

Typical applications for these parts are:

■ Lithium-Ion/Lithium-Polymer Battery Chargers
■ Personal Data Assistants

■ Cellular Telephones

■ Digital Cameras
■ MP3 Players

■ Blue-tooth Headsets
■ USB Chargers

For the full range of Microchip's charger management controllers as well as other power management controllers, please contact our sales-desk or visit our website.

Please visit our website or contact our sales-desk for a complete overview or more (technical) details.

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors
The latest news-facts of OSRAM

However the SFH415-U is obsolete for some time, with the SFH4546 a good successor type is now available. Of cause the SFH4546 is also packed in a 2 pin, 5mm housing, so it is a real drop-in successor type.

As completely new to our range, we introduce the two powerful SMD Infra-red SFH4258S and SFH4259S of Osram.

These two SMD LEDs, both in OSRAM's TOPLEDs housing generate at a peak emission wavelength of 860nm, a high radiant intensity of more than 25mW/sr at 50° emission angle (SFH4259S) or 40mW/sr at 30° emission angle (SFH4258S). For industrial applications, such as infra-red lights from cameras or the IR data transmission, these LED's are the ideal choice.

For more (technical) information please contact our sales desk.

C.T.C. Coils Limited
Toroidal EMI suppression Chokes of C.T.C.

New in our range is the TC68 -series open core chokes by C.T.C..

The chokes are available in the range of 10uH to 330uH and are supported in accordance to the E6-range.

With an operating temperature range of -40°C to+
125°C and a tolerance of only 10% these chokes are very versatile and can be applied almost everywhere. The rated current for these chokes varies from 1.8A to 8.2A

Besides the TC68 -series we support much more series.

Please visit our website or contact our sales-desk for a complete overview or more (technical) details.

New in our standard program SMD quartz of EPSON

Check the latest EPSON series FC135, FA128 & FA238

Depending on your application the new series are available in various sizes, from 1.5x32mm up till The standard temperature range is -40°C to + 85°C.

With an average frequency stability of 30ppm and an aging of only 5ppm/year, these quartzes are well suited for most applications.

For more detailed information please check our website or contact our sales department.

ON Semiconductor
Especially for all our Audio clients in this months newsletter

) preferred devices

Complementary Power Transistors

Symbol Value Unit
Collector-Emitter Voltage VCEO 80 Vdc
Emitter-Base Voltage VEB 5 Vdc
Collector Current  - Continuous
                          - Peak
Total Power Dissipation
    @ TC - 25°C
    Derate above 25°C


Total Power Dissipation
    @ TA - 25°C
    Derate above 25°C


Operating and Storage Junction
     Temperature Range
TJ1 Tstg
-50 to 150


Complementary power transistors are for general purpose power amplification and switching such as output or driver stages in applications such as switching regulators, converters and power amplifiers.

• Low Collector−Emitter Saturation Voltage-VCE(sat) = 1.0V(max) @ 8.0A
• Fast Switching Speeds
• Complementary Pairs Simplifies Designs
• Pb−Free Package

For Isolated Package Applications

For more details or other technical information please contact our sales department.

Fagor Electrónica
New in our assortment, more SCR's by Fagor Electrónica

However we carry already various types SCR's of Fagor, we have extended this group with some interesting models.

Already known are the FS 01xx & FS 04xx series in TO-92 and TO-126, but new will be the FS 08xx to FS 50xx series. These models start with 8A in TO-220 up till 50A in a comprehensive TOP-3 package. As the thyristors are available in various gate trigger currents from 50µA till 80mA, you will always find the most suited model for your design.

In order to meet the most modern demands, various models are available in 800V and even 1200V.

Where other brands have slowly, but continuously, increased there prices, Fagor supplies still good value for you money.

For the complete range please check our website
or contact our sales department.

The latest analog and digital ambient light sensors of Everlight.

This month we like to focus your attention on the latest analog and digital ambient light sensors of Everlight.

These sensors are most sensible in the spectrum of the human eye.  Due to this spectrum sensibility these sensors are extremely well suited, in opposite to the detection with photo-resistors, to measure like we humans see and experience the change from light to dark.

When mor
e then one sensor is applied in a certain area, to drive more then one lighting ornament, the entire area will be lighted as the human expects it.

The analog ambient light sensors ALS-PD70-01C and ALS-PDIC15-21C deliver a dark current (at 0 lux) of only 10nA and 100nA and light currents of 1.1 uA or 78μA at an illuminant of 100 lux with very good linearity over the entire illumination area.

The digital ambient light sensor ALS-PDIC17-79NB provides a large illumination area at the output a digital C signal with 15 bits effective resolution for direct digital signal processing.

For more details or other technical information please contact our sales department.

Real Fast Schottky diodes in a comprehensive TO-252 package

As we stated in on of our previous newsletters, up to 80% of all power-losses caused by switching semiconductors, can be reduced by using Silicon Carbide (SiC) semiconductors.

Since our last announcement various models have been added by CREE INFINEON & ROHM. We at Huijzer Components must also take account
of the availability of the new releases. Due to this we so far have only been able to add some IDD models by INFINEON. Real fast Schottky diodes in a comprehensive TO-252 package.

We will keep our eyes and ears open for more any new developments in regards to Silicon Carbide (SiC) semiconductors and keep you updated.

For more information please
check our website or contact our sales department.

Cypress Semiconductor
Two types of Nonvolatile RAM: nvSRAM and F-Ram

Nonvolatile RAM is memory that provides fast read and write access to any address and retains data when power is disrupted.

Cypress has two types of Nonvolatile RAM: nvSRAM (nonvolatile SRAM) and F-RAM (ferroelectric RAM). These products have three distinct advantages over traditional nonvolatile memories: high speed, high endurance, and low energy consumption. Cypress Nonvolatile RAM provides key value in many applications such as metering, industrial automation, portable medical devices, and automotive electronics.

At Huijzer Components we have expanded our range of F-RAM's with various series. As parallel models we have added the FM 16... & FM 18... series, both in 5V and in 2.7V. For the serial models we have added various types of the FM 24.... & FM 25... series, both available in 5V, 2.7V & 2.0V. All F-RAM's are housed in a modern and comprehensive SO package.

For more information about these products please check:

■  F-RAM Special
■  F-RAM Processor Companion

F-RAM Parallel

For current availability please check our website or contact our sales department.

More choice in the 60x60 models

As of now SUNON has extended their range of 60x60x25 fans with 6 models, all Ball-Bearing. All 3 series effected by this extension, EB, EE & MB, are available in 3 different speeds. Starting with an airflow of 23.6m³/h and a noise level of only 20dBA (EE 60251B3-A99) up till the largest airflow of 39.9m³/h at 34.5dBA (EE60251B1-A99). Besides the 12VDC models there are also various models available in 24VDC.

All 3 series are standard equipped with a "auto re-start". So in case anything might jam the impeller, the voltage in the bobbin drops in order to prevent fatal damage. As soon as the fan is able to rotate again the fan will (re)start automatic. All above series are standard suited for temperatures of -10°C  to +70°C.

For other models and more technical information, please check our website or contact our sales department.

HN Electronic
This Month's highlight: HN Power 65W Desk-Top Switched Mode Power Supply

Over the years more and more products became available at HN Power.

One of these products is the 65W DESK-TOP switched mode power supply. From 5.5W to 65W the HNP-65 series is currently
the top of the line. Of course, all switching power supplies of the HNP series comply to the the second stage of the Erp Directive, so you are assured of the cutting edge of energy efficiency. The HNP-65 is currently available in 12VDC, 15VDC & 24VDC.

Equipped with an universal AC power-inlet and a  wide-input range of 90...264V AC (47...63Hz) these power supplies are extremely versatile. All HN-65 models are overload and short-circuit proof and available with short delivery-times. All 3 series are standard equipped with a "auto re-start" So in case anything might jam the impeller the voltage in the bobbin drops in order to prevent fatal damage. As soon as the fan is able to rotate again the fan will (re) start automatic. All above series are standard suited for temperatures of -10°C to +70°C.

order codes:
■  HNP 65-120
■  HNP 65-150

HNP 65-240

For other models and more technical information, please check our website or contact our sales department.

Infineon Technologies
Infineon TRENCHSTOP IgbT's

Infineon's TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT technology leads to significant improvement of static as well as dynamic performance of the device, due to combination of trenchstop-cell and field-stop concept. The combination of IGBT with soft recovery Emitter Controlled Diode further minimizes the turn-on losses. The highest efficiency is reached due to the best compromise between switching and conduction losses.

Summary of features:
■  Lowest V ce(sat) drop for lower conduction losses
Low switching losses
Easy parallel switching capability due to positive temperature coefficient in V ce(sat)
Very soft, fast recovery anti-parallel Emitter Controlled HE diode
High ruggedness, temperature stable behavior
Low EMI emissions
■  Low gate charge
■  Very tight parameter distribution

■  Highest efficiency – low conduction and switching losses
Comprehensive portfolio in 600V and 1200V for flexibility of design
High device reliability

At Huijzer Components we currently support;  IKW15N120H3, IKW15T120, IKW25N120T2 and IKW25T120 either from stock or with a short lead time.

For information about other IgbT's or other technical information, please contact our sales

The TQ-2 serie by Panasonic,  new in stock at Huijzer Components

In order to offer you as many options as possible when you create your latest design, we have added the TQ-2 series to our assortment.

The TQ-2 series are equipped with 2 gold-plated crossover contacts and are ava
ilable in 5V, 12V and 24VDC. These relays are standard applicable from -40°C to 70°C while the TQ-2SA even can be applied up till 85°C. For the TQ-2 the allowable switching current is 1A and the TQ-2SA series can be used up till 2A. As a result of the clever design, the height of the TQ-2 is limited to only 5mm and 5.6mm for the TQ-2SA models. All this with a board-space occupation of only 9.3mm x 20,9mm.

Typical Applications:
■  Communications
■  Measurement equipment
■  OA equipment
■  Industrial machines

Recently added Models:
■  TQ 2-5V
■  TQ 2-12V
■  TQ 2-24V
■  TQ 2SA-5V

■  TQ 2SA-12V
TQ 2SA-24V

For other models and more technical information, please check our website or contact our sales department.

Display Elektronik
The latest OLED displays with an high amazing contrast.

Although OLED based displays have not yet really made a breakthrough in the display market, the number of OLED applications in industrial applications is growing continuously.

We are convinced that OLED displays will continue to gain market share in the display market in the long term. This while OLED displays have a surprisingly contrast with-out any back-light.

In order you (and we) will not miss the OLED braekthrough we have added 3 new OLED display models of Display Elektronik. These 3 models, DEP 16216-Y, DEP 16217-Y & DEP 20231-Y present yellow characters on a black background in a resolution of 16x2 respectively 20x2 characters.

The OLED displays can be addressed by a 4bit/8bit data-bus, SPI or I²C and are specified for a lifetime over 50.000 hours (reduction versus new-situation 50%). An other advantage is the overall supply-voltage of only 3.3V

Due to the high life expectancy and the extended temperature-range of -40°C to +70°C the new OLED displays becomes more and more industrial standard. 

For more or technical information please contact our sales department.


New to our delivery program the latest innovation by MEAN WELL, improved AC-DC converters.

Energy saving, space saving and an even higher efficiency with the new IRM-xxx series. We have extended our delivery program with the IRM 05, IRM 10, IRM 15 and IRM 20 series. Compared to their pre-successors the size is enormously reduced.

With dimensions like 45.7x25.4x21.5mm (for IRM 05 and 10) and only 52.4x27.2.24mm (for IRM 15 and 20) these converters can now be implemented even there where there is very little board-space available.

With the extreme low power-consumption of <0.1W in free-run-mode, It is always possible to meet the standards for the ErP-Norm ( and EISA in the USA ) The input-range of 84V-264VAC allows a wide range of application.

Due to the sealed construction (Insulation class II) these AC-DC modules from MEAN WELL are resistant to moisture, dust and shock.

The conformity to UL/CUL/TÜV/CB & CE ensures a solid and safe product and also allows you to apply this product in most countries worldwide.

All four power-ranges are available as of now. Either from stock or with a short lead time

For more information, please contact our sales department.

Meet the new LOW PROFILE relay series of Fujitsu

Introducing the FTR-F1 series with only 16,5mm height. As more and more components becoming less high, this was always a problem with common relays. With the introduction of these low profile series it is now possible to apply relay's on places where this was not possible before.

With a case-size of only 29x12.8x16.5mm these relay's are specially suited for places where there is only little height available. These Fujitsu PCB relay's are available with a standard coil (530mW) and 5A contacts and with a high sensitive coil with only 400mW power-consumption and 8A contacts. The standard models are classified to RTIII and the sensitive models to RTII.

All models are available from stock or with short lead time.

For more or technical information please contact our sales department.


EVERVISION Graphic LCD-Module TFT Color

The full-colour Graphic LCD modules of EVERVISON are available in 3.5",  4,3",  5",   5.7" and  7 ". All modules have a high contrast and white LED backlight. All screens are full TFT and available in the following resolutions; 320x240, 480x272, 640x480 and 800x480.

All modules are composed of an TFT-LCD panel, a driver circuit and LED back-light unit.
This comprehensive construction, makes it very easy to integrate and install these modules. Depending of the panel-size the control signal is 3x8bit or 3x6bit parallel-RGB.

With a viewing angle of 60° these modules are suited for many applications. The modules are typically designed for car-TV and other electronic products which require flat panel display of digital interface. All modules can be found at VGG ........

For more, technical or typical information, please contact our sales department.

Self adhesive stick-on feet's

As of last Month Huijzer Components added a selection of 3M's popular self adhesive stick-on feet's. Inspired by a growing demand of var
ious clients six types are added.
SJ 5302AL,
5312, 5012 BLCK, 5003 BLCK, 5009 BLCK and SJ 5009 GREY. These stick-on feet's have proved their-selves by there outstanding performance even in harsh environments. As these feet's are made of plasticize-free polyurethane, long lasting form and fit are guaranteed. The synthetic rubber adhesive has a high immediate adhesion also to low energy surfaces such as PP and PE.

For more and information please contact our sales department or visit our website.

CLIFF Electronic Components
 A color-full appearance, the K87MBR series

The K87MBR series of CLIFF are suited for round or ribbed 6mm axles. As the knobs are performed for push-fit, a fast and easy mounting is guaranteed. With a 16.8mm base diameter (skirt) and 14.5mm height these knobs make an elegant appearance.

The colored line is still a clear indicator where subtle coding is required. The K87MBR has a soft-touch, rubber finish for an optimized grip. These knobs are very low in cost due to high volume production.

More CLIFF products are available upon request. Please contact our sales department for more and detailed information.

MeanWell Series RSD-xxx DC/DC-Converters for model railway

Aimed especially for use in model railways, the DC/DC converter of the RSD-xxx series up till 300W by Meanwell. With different power ranges of 100W / 150W / 200W and 300W these Meanwell DC/DC Converters with Single Output meet the different requirements of automotive applications. Thanks to modern circuitry, the efficiency of the DC/DC converter is up to 91%.

The Meanwell converters are partially encapsulated so that the air can circulate freely and the heat can be dissipated. Despite the extended operating temperature range (-40 °C to +70°C), there is no need for a fan for cooling.

n against short circuit, overload, output-side, over-voltage, over temperature and reverse polarity input side is among the standard features.

In combination with external battery packs as
power source, they are also suitable for industrial use, such as in security systems, DC UPS systems and telecommunication facilities.

For more information please visit our website or contact our sales department.

Cree - Infineon  - Rohm
And they were first:

The new semiconductor material silicon carbide (SiC) reduces switching losses in power electronics up to 80%!

The majority of the losses in power electronics are generated during switching operation of diodes, FETs or IGBTs. The two semiconductor materials, GaN and SiC achieved compared to silicon, new dimensions in switching speed and power-loss during the switching operation. As they have virtually no forward and reverse recovery-time and ensure a temperature-independent high-speed switching performance at higher temperatures. Due to the non-existing forward and backward recovery-time of SiC components switching losses up to 80% in the power electronics can be saved.

So for all of our customers who are active in the field of power electronics, please pay attention ! Try to adapt early to secure a technological edge through the revolutionary semiconductor material Silicon Carbide (SiC) . We are adding numerous SiC Schottky diodes of the three pioneers Cree, Infineon and Rohm to our delivery-program.

For full details, all available models and more information, please visit our website or contact our sales department.

NXP Semiconductors
We have added a wide range of ARM-Core-M0 & ARM-Core-M3 controllers.

Users of the NXP 8051 family who worked with this processor for many years (or even many decades) can rest assured. Instead of searching for yet an other, still available 8051 derivative, it is recommended to make the switch to a more modern 8bit RISK-controller like the AVR-controller by ATMEL or the PIC-micro by Microchip. For a more future-proof design that will also allow some extra upgrade options in the future, it is strongly recommended by NXP to make a firm switch to a 32bit ARM-Core-controller.

ARM-Core-M0-controllers in the lower 32bit range, do cost at comparable periphery and memory-capacity, almost no more then a 8051 controller. On the other hand ARM-Core-M0 controllers offer an outstanding 32b computing performance at a substantial low power-consumption. And best of all, future-proof.

At Huijzer Components we have added a wide range of ARM-Core-M0 & ARM-Core-M3 controllers. You can find these controllers with the prefix LPC 11..., LPC 12..., LPC 13... &
LPC 17....

To offer full support we also supply the complete range of evaluation-kits. For more and detailed information please contact our sales department or visit our website.

Alps Electric
Incremental Encoders

New at Huijzer Components Alps Electric incremental encoders. 

With the
EC11 and the EC12 series we offer an innovative encoder in a compact package suited for vertical applications. These encoders are optional available with a push-switch and have a rotation-angle of 360°. The ALPS  EC11 &  EC12 series are standard equipped with a plain shaft without thread.

For full details, all available models and more information, please visit our website or contact our sales department.

Our range of relays has been expanded with the Finder 7S series.

Upon request we have expanded our range of Finder relays. Besides the safety relays we carry from other brands, we have now added the Finder 7S ... series. The 7S relays series are EN50205 compliant safety relays with forcibly guided contacts. The 7S series are available in various models with the option of 1, 2, 3, or 4 NO contacts and with 1 or 2 NC contacts.

The coil system is standard designed for 24VDC. With a rated current of 6A and an inrush current over 10A, the 7S series are very versatile to apply. Besides all these advantages the 7S series are standard equipped for DIN-RAIL mounting and all relays carry an indicator LED.

For more detailed and technical information, please visit our website or contact our sales-desk.

Texas Instruments & Maxim Integrated
New IC's regards to energy harvesting

Both Texas Instruments & Maxim Integrated have introduced new IC's in regards to energy harvesting. The increasing use of mobile equipment, as well as the growing demand for intermediate power storage of recovered energy, (by motion, solar or thermal elements)  increases the focus on the battery-management. All with the single purpose to optimize the re-use & storage of the harvested energy.

The classic way is to store the energy into so called SUPER CAP's or LI-ION batteries, but for a safe and optimized storage & re-use, the controller circuits are of the most importance.

The new IC's
BQ25504GT and MAX17710GB+ are the latest state of the art. With a working voltage starting as low as 1.4V these IC's ensure the most efficient handling at present.

For more detailed information of both parts please visit our website or contact our sales department.

STELVIO has completed there range of PCB & PANEL mount fuse holders.

With there latest models, PTF76 & PTF78,  STELVIO completed there range of PCB & PANEL mount fuse holders.

Stelvio Kontek has a solid background in the market and gained strength from the merger between Stelvio & Kontek Comatel in 2009. The added value of the merger soon resulted in new innovative products. At Huijzer Components we have now started with the complete range of fuse-holders. Amongst others also the universal (5x20mm & 6x32mm) Wire-fuse-holder PTF 80A.

All fuse-holder products are easy to recognize as all these product start with PTF... Depending on the design of your PCB board, various
fuse folders are available in different pitch sizes with or without an "easy-grip".

Have a quick look on our website what STELVIO has to offer. Especially as STELVIO offers value for your money it is worth your time to investigate. 

For more information or detailed technical specification, please contact our sales department or visit our website.

A 2179HBT-TC , the latest model of SUNON

With the latest model A 2179HBT-TC (535 m³/h) SUNON closed the gap between the A 2175HBT-TC (343 m³/h) and the A 2259HBT-TC (1444 m³/h)  The A 2179HBT-TC has a noise level of only 62dB and is housed in a classic square case of 176x176x89mm.

This new model is standard equipped with an integrated thermal-fuse. Housed in an aluminium die-cast with 4 mounting holes for M5 bolts and equipped with 2.8mm electrical connections this FAN has all it needs to meet the highest standards and ensure a safe operation.

Available accessories:                      

Metal Finger-guard FG 176
Mains cable A2-10 or A 2-20

For more detailed information of the A 2179HBT-TC or other SUNON fan's please visit our website or contact our sales department.

HAHN GmbH & Co. KG
New products from HAHN, the HS 4000xx series

As a well-known and reliable manufacture of transformers HAHN now also produces AC-DC converters modules.

The HS  modules excel in their no load power consumption of less then 150mW. Besides this HAHN succeeded to add more outstanding performances.  So does the efficiency exceed 70% and have all modules a wide input-voltage range from 85 to 265V-AC what makes them ideal for global applications. The short-circuit-proof design is fully isolated in accordance with DIN EN61558-2-16 and DIN60950. Also are all components UL-listed and DIN EN60335 compliant.
The power range for these modules is set to 3W.

At present Huijzer Components supports :
  • HS 40003.3
  • HS 40005
  • HS 40009
  • HS 400012
  • HS 400015
  • HS 400018
  • HS 400024
For more and detailed information please visit HAHN or contact our sales department.

MOSFETs - TrenchFET® Gen IV

The latest 150V N-Channel TrenchFET® Power MOSFET offers On-resistance down to 1.35mΩ for DC-DC applications.

These new released devices are optimized for primary-side switching and secondary-side synchronous rectification in DC/DC converters, DC/AC inverters, and boost converters for telecom bricks, solar micro-inverters, and brush-less DC motors.

With a reduction in on-resistance times silicon area of over 60% compared to previous-generation devices, the SiRA00DP is able to demonstrate extremely low RDS(on) values of 1.0 mΩ at 10 V and 1.35 mΩ at 4.5 V. For designers, the MOSFETs’ low on-resistance translates into lower conduction losses for reduced power consumption and higher efficiency.

Fast availability, at Huijzer we are proud to pronounce that most of the models SIRA xxx TrenchFET® Gen IV , have a lead-time of only a couple of days.

Pricing is in accordance with the required quantity. Ask us today !
For more detailed information please contact our sales department. 


RECOM Electronic GmbH
The latest of AC/DC Converters

Recom's new AC-DC converters are available in 1W, 2W, 3W & 6W.

Since the introduction of the EuP-Directive (energy saving products) in January 2010 the focus is on high efficiency. Particularly electronic devices with a standby- function require a small power suppl
y to meet this directive. The modules of RECOM's RAC-family provide 3 to 6 Watts power. They feature a high packing density, low no-load current and have an MTBF guaranteeing 40 years of continuous operation.

The input voltage is full-range 80-305VAC or 110-430VDC. So using these converters guarantees the employability of your product world wide ! Of course the RAC series meet all necessary approvals such as EN55022 & UL60950-.1 besides this, these converters fully apply to the FCC class-B standard. This to, gives your final product one step ahead on the competition.

Other key specifications:
  • Input frequency  47 - 63Hz
  • Continues full short circuit protection, with auto re-start
  • Available in 5VDC, 9VDC, 12VDC & 24VDC Output
  • RMS Isolation Voltage input to output 3KVAC /1 minute
  • Isolation Resistance input to output 1 GΩ 1min.
  • Isolation Capacitance input to output 1000pF typ.
For more detailed information please contact our sales department.

Cypress Semiconductor
The CY 8C53 family with its unique array of
configurable blocks, PSoC® 5

With its unique array of configurable blocks, PSoC® 5 is a true system level solution providing micro-controller unit (MCU), memory, analog, and digital peripheral functions in a single chip.

The CY8C53 family offers a modern method of signal acquisition, signal processing, and control with high accuracy, high bandwidth, and high flexibility. Analog capability spans the range from thermocouples (near DC voltages) to ultrasonic signals. The CY8C53 family can handle dozens of data acquisition channels and analog inputs on every GPIO pin.

The CY8C53 family provides unparalleled opportunities for analog and digital bill of materials integration while easily accommodating last minute design changes through simple firmware updates.

At Huijzer Components we currently support:
CY 8C5365AXI-043, CY 8C5366AXI-001 and CY 8C5368AXI-106.

This technology offers the available at present, please contact our sales-desk for full support.


IXYS Corporation
IGBT & IGBT -diode modules from IXYS

New in our range, IGBT & IGBT-diode modules from the Power Manufacturer IXYS.

Featuring: NPT IGBT technology with low saturation voltage, low switching losses and switching frequency up to 30 kHz.

These are just some of the main features for the new MDI & MID module series.

These new modules will allow users in the future to design there application without discrete IGBT's diodes. This will contribute to a faster and compacter design.

Considering the whole new range MID..., MDI....., MII.....& MWI..... many high power applications such as AC or DC motor control or frequency converters are easy to be constructed.

For more information and availability please visit our web shop or contact our sales department.

Freescale Semiconductor
Your reliable source for motion sensors.

The MMA7455L is a Digital Output (I²C/SPI), low power, low profile, capacitive micro-machined accelerometer. Featuring signal conditioning, a low pass filter, temperature compensation and a  self-test. Configurable to detect 0g through interrupt pins (INT1 or IN T2), and pulse detect for quick motion detection.

The 0g offset can be customer calibrated using the assigned
0g registers and g-Select, which allows for command selection for 3 acceleration ranges (2g/4g/8g). The MMA7455L includes a Standby Mode that makes it ideal for hand-held battery powered electronics. As the operating voltage starts as low as only 2.4V many applications are possible.

Some of the key Features are listed below:

• Digital Output (I²C/SPI)
• 3mm x 5mm x 1mm LGA-14 Package
• Self-Test for Z-Axis
• Low Voltage Operation: 2.4 V – 3.6 V
• User Assigned Registers for Offset Calibration
• Programmable Threshold Interrupt Output
• Level Detection for Motion Recognition (Shock, Vibration, Free-fall)

For more & detailed information please visit Freescale or
contact our sales department.

SCHURTER Electronic Components
Mains inlets, outlets and accessories
New at Huijzer Components, mains inlets, outlets and accessories by SCHURTER Electronic Components.
SCHURTER has a wide range of products, such as Circuit Protection, Connectors, Switches and various EMC products.

At Huijzer Components we focus on the mains in- & out- let connectors. Both the single in- & out- let, as well as the combined version with an on/off switch are as of now integrated in our standard delivery program. Furthermore many combined Connector/Switch combinations have the option to add one or two fuses.

All SCHURTER products can be located at their original order-code. This enables you as a user to maintain your original BOM files or other part number listings. Just some of the new part# are 6163.004, 6183.0003 & 4304.6064

For more products and detailed information, please check our website or visit SCHURTER.

The latest real-time news is available at

Display Elektronik GmbH
Display Elektronik, for a solid and reliable display

For a solid and reliable display, Display Elektronik offers a reliable partnership. Established in 1984 as a value added supplier of liquid crystal displays, Display Elektronik has proven to be a quality supplier for standard and customized displays. Weather it is for a "basic" 2x16 Dot matrix display with LED back-light, such a the DEM 16226SYH-LY, (and available in our webshop for even less then EUR 5.00)

Or the latest technology in OLED Dot matrix module. All the technique and knowledge is available, in house at Display Elektronik.

Many displays are available as panel mount module. So there is no need for an additional bezel or mounting issues. Besides the above also Graphic display in STN or FSTN, with or without a touch-panel, are all standard available.

For more information please visit Display Elektronik or
have a look in our webshop or contact our sales department.

Cirrus Logic
CS3310, stereo digital volume control

Not a new part, but still very popular, Cirrus Logic's almost classic CS 3310. Available in DIP & SO package.
With only a few external components, saving board-s
pace, it is already possible to benefit of all the advantages the CS 3310 has to offer. The CS3310 is a complete stereo digital volume control designed specifically for audio systems. It features a 16-bit serial interface that controls two independent, low distortion audio channels.
The CS3310 includes an array of well-matched resist
ors and a low noise active output stage that is capable of driving a 600 Ω load. A total adjustable range of 127 dB, in 0.5 dB steps, is achieved through 95.5 dB of attenuation and 31.5 dB of gain. The simple 3-wire interface provides daisy-chaining of multiple CS3310's for multi-channel audio systems.

For more technical details please visit Cirrus Logic or contact our sales department for availability and pricing.

Atmel Corporation
SAM3S series, AT91SAM ARM based Flash MCU

Atmel's SAM3S series is a member of a family of 32-bit Flash micro-controllers based on the high performance ARM Cortex-M3 processor. It operates at a maximum speed of 64 MHz and features up to 256 Kbytes of Flash and up to 48 Kbytes of SRAM.

The peripheral set includes a Full Speed USB Device port with embedded trans
ceiver, a High Speed MCI for  DIO/SD/MMC, an External Bus Interface featuring a Static Memory Controller providing connection to SRAM, PSRAM, NOR Flash, LCD Module and NAND Flash, 2x USARTs, 2x UARTs, 2x TWIs, 3x SPI, an I2S, as well as 1 PWM timer, 6x general-purpose 16-bit timers, an RTC, an ADC, a 12-bit DAC and an analog comparator.

The SAM3S is available in various packages, all standard in the industrial temperature range of -40°C to 85°C.

For more technical information and information about availability and pricing, please contact our sales-department our visit our website. All SAM3S....  can be located in our database as
ATSAM 3....

Infineon Bi- & Uni-polar Hall sensors.

Magnetic sensors are used for speed, rotational speed, linear position, linear angle & position measurement in automotive, industrial and consumer applications.

Integrated silicon based Hall IC's containing the hall element and the signal conditioning circuitry monolithically integrated on one single chip. This is where Infineon excels, integrating the whole range of disciplines on to one single chip. In our database you will find these Hall sensors at TLE 49xx.

Depending on their function and application these sensors are available in various packages, such as:

PSSO-4-1 TSOP-6 

For a complete overview of all models and options, please check Infineon or contact our sales department for detailed information.

Want to learn more about Hall Sensors ?  Learn now →

The Finder 30.xx series, Sub-miniature 2A power relays.

As a well known manufacturer of relays, Finder has over the years proven to be a very reliable source for relays. With a global network Finder offers more then 10.000 different product, produced at 4 different factories.

The 30.xx family is a very versatile product. Standard constructed with
2 pole changeover contacts. Fitted in a Sub-miniature industry standard DIL package, 2A contact rating and available with various coil voltages. Further more the relays are wash tight in accordance to RT III and are equipped with cadmium free contacts.

At Huijzer Components we stock these relays in 5VDC, 6VDC, 12VDC and 24VDC.

For more information, please contact our sales department to discover more about finder, or visit our website

NXP Semiconductors
32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 microcontroller; up to 128 kB and 8 kB SRAM
The LPC122x extend NXP's 32-bit ARM microcontroller continuum and target a wide range of industrial applications in the areas of factory and home automation. Benefiting from the ARM Cortex-M0 Thumb instruction set, the LPC122x have up to 50% higher code density compared to common 8/16-bit microcontroller performing typical tasks. The LPC122x operate at CPU frequencies up to 45MHz.

The peripheral complement of the LPC122x includes a 10-bit ADC, 2 comparators with output feedback loop, 2 UARTs, 1 SSP/SPI interface, one I²C-bus interface with Fast-mode Plus features, a Windowed Watchdog Timer, a DMA controller, a CRC engine, 4 general purpose timers, a 32-bit RTC, a 1 % internal oscillator for baud rate generation and up to 55 General Purpose I/O (GPIO) pins. This and much much more makes the LPC 122x series one of the most complete processors.

For even more and detailed information, please contact our sales department or visit our website for all available models.

AB Elektronik GmbH
Heavy duty wirewound potentiometers

Fully integrated in Huijzer Components delivery program, the heavy duty wirewound potentiometers of AB Elektronik. Available in an ascending range from 4W, 10W, 30W and 60W. Depending on the specific series, resistor-value's are available from 2.2 Ohm up till 10K. The winded core is ceramic encapsulated and has an allowable isolation Voltage of 2000V eff.

All models are suited for easy panel-mount by a M-10 thread. The electrical connections are available on tinned solder lugs

At Huijzer Components we have the following order-codes:

  4W C 24Mxxx available value 2.2 Ohm - 25K
10W C 35Mxxx 
available value 10 Ohm - 4K7
30W C 46Mxxx
available value 10 Ohm - 10K
C 53Mxxx
available value 10 Ohm - 4K7

For more and detailed technical information, please contact our sales department.

2 x 20W MOS-FET Audio Power Amplifier

New by STMicroelectronics, world's first MOSFET audio power amplifier for 24V battery operation.

It has been specifically designed for 24V power supply systems making it compatible with truck/bus applications.

The feedback topology allows excellent distortion performances and the integrated buffer minimizes the need for external components. The fully complementary P-channel/N-channel output structure allows rail-to-rail output voltage swing minimizing saturation losses.

The TDA7576B integrates a DC offset detector, a clipping detector and a diagnostic output.

Another great advantage is the use of extremely little external components, as shown in the diagram.

For more technical specifications, please visit STMicroelectronics or contact our sales department.  

Fischer Elektronik
Self Adhesive Silicone Insulation Washers

New by Fischer Elektronik, Thermally conductive foil made of silicone elastomer.

With a material thickness of only 0.2mm, the thermal conductivity of the washers is
0.92 W/m·K.

Due to the use of GF reinforced, silicone foil, these washers can be used from -60 °C to +180 °C and are classified for flammability in UL 94 V-0. 

Depending on your application the washers are also available as dual side self adhesive.

The washers are available for all popular packages such as TO-220, TO-218, TO-247, SOT-32 and many more.

Check our website for WK3 WK247 WK220 etc.

For more and detailed information please visit Fischer Elektronik or contact our sales department.

Linear Technology
Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Power Supply

The LTC®3588-1 integrates a low-loss full-wave bridge-rectifier with a high efficiency buck converter to form a complete energy harvesting solution optimized for high output impedance energy sources such as piezoelectric transducers.

Four output voltages, 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V and 3.6V, are pin selectable with up to 100mA of continuous output current. However, the output capacitor may be sized to service even a higher output current burst.

Some of the main features:

950nA Input Quiescent Current
(Output in Regulation – No Load)
450nA Input Quiescent Current in UVLO
■  2.7V to 20V Input Operating Range
Integrated Low-Loss Full-Wave Bridge Rectifier
■  Up to 100mA of Output Current
■  Selectable Output Voltages of 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V, 3.6V

At Huijzer Components we support the LTC 3588-1 in a 10 pin MSOP package.

For more technical specifications, please visit
Linear Technoloy or contact our sales department.  

The new MC xxx series, by SUNON.  High in airflow, low in noise

The new MC xxx series by SUNON. High in airflow, low in noise. Due to SUNON's new Maglev (Magnetic Levitation) technology these new series have an extreme long life-cycle.

For example the MC25100V2-A99 only 25x25mm, has an airflow up till 5m³/h and a noise level of only 16dBA all this with a power-consumption of less the 0,5W (430mW).

At Huijzer Components we have added most of the new models as standard parts. With other words most of these FAN's are available from stock, or have a short lead-time and no less important, most of these FAN's are available in the quantity you require.

Check our assortment on our website or contact our sales department for more technical information or specific data sheets.

A wide variety of Capacity, Voltage, ESR value, Temperature range and of cause outlines

Panasonic capacitors, available in a wide variety of Capacity, Voltage, ESR value, Temperature range and of cause outline.

At Huijzer Components we have expanded out range of capacitors with various new Panasonic series. This enables us to provide our customers with values like 12uF, 390uF or 2700uF.
Just like they are needed in today's professional industry.

Please check the listing below to get an impression of the recently added Type A series.

Type A
Series FK Series FM Series FR Series EB
Series EE
Part No.
EEUFKxxxxxxx EEUFMxxxxx EEUFRxxxxxx EEUEBxxxxxx EEUEExxxxxx
Temp. Range
-55 to +105 -55 to +105 -40 to +105 -40 to +105 -40(-25) to +105 -25 to +105
1000 to 5000
3000 to 5000 2000 to 7000
5000 to 10000
5000 to 10000
8000 to 10000
Low impedence
Low impedance
(10-30% less
than FC series)
Low impedance
Long life
Low profile
High ripple
Rated Volt. range
6.3 to 100
6.3 to 35 6.3 to 50
6.3 to 50
10 to 450
160 to 450
Nom. Cap. range
1 to 15000
180 to 12000
22 to 6800
4.7 to 8200
0.47 to 3300
10 to 33
compliant compliant compliant compliant

For more detailed information please do not hesitate to contact our sales department.

Fast, easy to implement and a very affordable solution to create a safe, low DC voltage from the mains

Looking for a fast, easy to implement and a very affordable solution to create a safe, low DC voltage from the mains? Try MEAN WELL's latest NFM- series. Available in 5W, 10W, 15W and 20W these fixed modules are the solution.

No hassle, no worries like; do I comply with local legislation, or is it safe enough like this, or... , just mount the MEAN WELL module in a empty corner of your PCB and all is settled, of cause all modules comply to 

Only 88.9x50.8x19.3mm (wxdxh)

For smaller quantities to try out your idea's and of cause also for production volumes, please check our website or contact our sales department for more (technical) information.

Infineon Technologies
Fully backwards compatible

The most
popular Low Side & High Side, Intelligent Power-switches by INFINEON now available in an up to date D²pack either in a TO-252-5 package.

Of cause all new power-switches are RoHS conform and as important, all new p
arts are fully backwards compatible with there true-hole pre successors.

So there
is no re-design required, simply add the new shape into your layout and... finished.

At Huijzer Components we support, amongst others; BTS117TC, BTS133TC, BTS141TC, BTS462T, BTS6133D and many others.

For more technical details please check Infineon Technologies or contact our sales-department for full availability.

Pre-Assembled Digital 7 Segment LCD Module

ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY, commonly known for their single LCD displays also supplies pre-set complete modules, such as the EA 2021-N and EA 2022-N.

The EA 2021-N is a fully integrated 6 digit, pulse counter while the EA 2022-N is set as an up & down counter. Both modules have a 6 digit, 6mm LCD display and are fully operational at only 2.4 - 3.4 VDC and typically 3uA.

The EA 2021-N as well as the EA 2022-N are produced in plexi carbonate IP-40 rated housing. Both modules are equipped with a clever bezel what ensures a minimum time to install these modules.

For more technical details please contact our sales-department. 

Wire-wound power resistors of Vishay

Encased in a compact and light heatsink, offering complete environmental protection, great mechanical strength and easy mounting. Available in 1% tolerance.

These are just some of the key specifications for the power resistors by Vishay. More detailed specifications such as: High stability < 0.05 % year, Low temperature coefficient typically ± 15 ppm/°C, makes these resistors extremely suitable for the most demanding applications.

At Huijzer Components we support the RH5, RH10, RH25 & the RH50 series all in 1% tolerance. 

For more technical or detailed information please visit Vishay or contact our sales department.

Complete Inlet filters , new by KEMET.

New by KEMET and available at Huijzer Components. Complete Inlet filters available both as IEC or either as panel mount with flanges.

Some of the main features are;

• Current ratings from 1A to 10A

• Component value combinations to suit requirements
• Low cost design
• Medical versions available

With mechanical Specifications like: Metal case with built-in power line connector according to IEC 60320 & EN 60320 and  IEC 60320 Standard plug (INPUT); faston 2x4.8x0.8mm or 6.3 x 0.8mm (OUTPUT); ground terminal connected to case, these filters comply to all the specification needed for most applications. At Huijzer Components we support various FBNAB models.

For all d
etailed specifications please visit KEMET or contact our sales department.

Siba Fuses
Siba Fuses, well known when it comes to safety.

For many years a well known name when it comes to safety. Sold by Huijzer Components for a long time and as of today there are various series available from stock for a faster supply.
Out of the wide range Siba offers, we selected the series listed below;

189000 5019906
189020 5021526

All Siba fuses can be sub-divided into the following ranges:

■  Fuses for semiconductor protection North American and European standard TYPE SQB sizes 1, 2 and 3.
■  Fuses for semiconductor protection European Standard Class gR.
■  Fuses for semiconductor protection cylindrical Fuses European Standard.

■  DC application / Traction fuse Class gR/aR.
■  Miniature fuses G.

■  Medium voltage fuses for capacitors.

For all details and more technical specifications, please visit Siba Fuses or contact our sales department.

Allegro MicroSystems
The latest in DMOS micro-stepping drivers.

With this part Allegro MicroSystems introduced a state of the art motor driver for bipolar stepper motors.

Due to the enhanced micro-stepping technology it is possible to drive full step, half step, quarter step and even sixteenth step !

All this with an output drive capacity of up to 35 V and ±2.5 A. The A3979 includes a fixed off-time current regulator that has the ability to operate in Slow, Fast, or Mixed decay modes.

l synchronous-rectification control circuitry is provided to improve power dissipation during PWM operation. Internal circuit protection includes: thermal shutdown with hysteresis, UVLO (undervoltage lockout), and crossover-current protection. Special power-on sequencing is not required.

For more or detailed information please visit Allegro MicroSystems or contact
or contact our sales department.  

Not entirely new but still very strong component, VIPER 12AS by STM.

Introduced early 2000, this Low Power, off line SMPS, Primary Switcher, allows you to build a wide input 85 - 265VAC, isolated power supply in no time. Depending on the desired feature(s) only a few external components are needed.

A brief overview of the key features:

■  Fixed 60 KHz.switching frequency
■  9V to 38V wide range VDD Voltage
■  Current mode control
■  Auxiliary under-voltage lock-out with hysteresis
■  High voltage start-up current source
■  Over-temperature, over-current & over-voltage with auto-restart

Due to the high integration on the chip, the VIPER 12AS combines a dedicated current mode PWM controller with a high voltage Power MOSFET on the same silicon chip.

For more detailed information, application-sheets and much more, please contact our sales department.


Texas Instruments
50 - 100ppm C-MOS Voltage Reference.

The REF29xx & REF30xx is a precision, low-power, low-voltage dropout voltage reference family available in a tiny SOT23-3.

The REF29xx & REF30xx small size and low power consumption (50μA max) makes it ideal for battery-powered applications.

The REF29xx & REF30xx do not require a load capacitor, but are stable with any capacitive load.

Unloaded, the REF29xx & REF30xx can be operated with supplies within 1mV of output voltage. All models are specified for the wide temperature range, –40°C to +125°C.

The Main Features;

■ MicroSIZE package: SOT23-3
■ Very low drop-out: 1mV
■ High output current: 25mA
■ Low Temperature drift:50-100ppm/°C max
■ High accuracy: 2% low IQ: 50μA max

For all available models or models up-on request, please check
Texas Instruments or contact our sales department for all details.

Microchip Technology
How low can you go ?

Well at this moment the latest PIC from MICROCHIP will go as low as 2V. The PIC 24... family consists of 28/44-pin, general purpose, 16-bit flash micro-controllers.

Some of the micro-controllers key features are:
■ Modified Harvard Architecture
■ Up to 16 MIPS Operation @ 32 MHz
■ Two Address Generation Units for Separate Read and Write
   Addressing of Data Memory.

Even more interested are the Special micro-controller fe
atures such as:
■ Operating Voltage Range of 2.0V to 3.6V 
■ Flash Program Memory:
   - 10,000 erase/write
   - 20-year data retention minimum
■ Power-on Reset (POR), Power-up Timer      
   (PWRT) and Oscillator Start-up Timer (OST).

■ Flexible Watchdog Timer (WDT) with On-Chip,
RC  Oscillator for Reliable Operation.
■ In-Circuit Serial Programming™ (ICSP™) and In-Circuit Debug (ICD) via 2 Pins.


At Huijzer Components we have recently added over 25 models (to begin with) of the
PIC 24 ....... family.

For all details and full partnumbers, please visit our
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New Desk-Top Switching Power Supplies MeanWell

MeanWell's new generation of switching power supplies meets the latest Energy Star requirements (Version 2.0 or Level V).

As a result of their very low no-load consumption (<0.5W) and high efficiency -
up to 94.5% - the switching power supplies in the GS160 and GS220 series offer a particularly energy-saving solution in both standby and active operation.

In addition, MeanWell's new series GS160 and GS220 meet IEC protection class I and the plastic cases comply with UL94V-0 and have low flammability. Both GS160 and GS220 can be operated at full load in ambient air  temperature of -10 to +50°C with simple free air convection.

As a result of these features, these environmentally friendly switching power supplies represent one of the most effective solutions on the market.

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National Semiconductor
The LM 4562 , for a perfect sound.

The LM4562 is an ultra-low distortion, low noise, high slew rate operational amplifier optimized and fully specified for high performance, high fidelity applications.

With an Input Noise Density of typical 2.7nV/√Hz a Slew Rate of ±20V/μs an Input Bias Current of 10nA and a DC Gain Linearity Error of only 0.000009% it will be very hard to conclude otherwise.

Some of the main features are:

■ Easily drives 600Ω loads
■ Optimized for superior audio signal fidelity
■ Output short circuit protection
■ PSRR and CMRR exceed 120dB (typ)
■ SOIC, DIP, TO-99 metal can packages

At Huijzer we support this dual opamp in both DIP-8 and in SO-8 package.

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1 Watt ultra-miniature SIL-4 DC/DC converters.

DC/DC converters such as the SIM-1 series. With excellent features, such as an efficiency of min 80%, an isolation voltage of 1KV and a line re
gulation of only 1% (of the input voltage).

Add these features to the space-saving outline of only 6 x 12mm of the SIM-1 series and it becomes clear why these DC/DC converters are getting more and more popular.

At H
uijzer Components we support the full range.

The SIM-1 series are available with input voltages of 5, 12, 12 & 24VDC and output voltages of 3, 5, 12, 15 & 24VDC. 

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Leaders in innovation, also when it comes to optocouplers.

As full replacement for some of the TLP 62x series, Toshiba introduced the new, pin to pin successors TLP 781(GB,F) and TLP 785(GB,F). 

For the obsolete TLP 181xx Toshiba introduced the TLP 185(F,T) as the pin to pin successor. Both new parts have the advantage of additional approvals with with respect to their predecessors such as;

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CLIFF Electronic Components
Always the right click with CLIFF.

CLIFF has a complete range of DC-sockets with entries from 1.2mm - 2.5mm.
Due to the smart construction all connectors have a power rating of 5A.

All sockets are available in 90° PCB mounting or Solder tag / Chassis mounting. With their unique patented design, the DC-10L & DC-10LP, even ensures superior contact for both 2.1mm and 2.5mm plugs.

These popular PCB DC-sockets are now available from stock.

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AC output Solid State Relays in an industry standard with
EMR plug in package.

As of now part of the standard range of Huijzer Components. Available in both 3A & 5A. Depending on the kind of load, both models are available in Random Turn-on or Zero Voltage Turn-off to see the actual status of the SSR all parts are standard equipped with a LED input status indicator.

For an even greater versatility the 5A models are available with VAC control either with
VDC control.

All parts are easy to find in our database as all part numbers start with
ED 24xxxx.     

For DC output there are the ED 10 series, equipped with a MOS-FET for a reliable switching moment.

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Dallas Semiconductor
3V/5V Real-Time Clocks in various packages

The DS1685 is a real-time clock (RTC) designed as successor to the industry-standard DS1285, DS1385, DS1485, and DS1585 PC RTCs. This device provides the industry-standard DS1285 clock function, with either +3.0V or +5.0V operation.

The DS1685 power-control circuitry allows the system to be powered on by an external stimulus such as a keyboard or by a time and date (wake-
up) alarm.

The DS1685 is a clock/calendar chip with the features described above.
An external crystal and battery are the only components required to maintain time-of-day and memory status in the absence of power. 

At Huijzer Components we support various packages such as DIP-24, SOL-24 & TSSOP-24.

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Lite-On Optoelectronics
Multiple LED BAR'S from Lite-On. Easy to implement, easy to drive ,
simply to use.

For example the LTA 1000 range. Available in the popular colours: High Efficient Red, Green and Yellow.

Depending on the model the power consumption is 60-75 mW per element. This ensures a bright and uniform light emitting per area. As the elements are situated from edge to edge the bars are also easy to cascade without any visible transition.

Currently we support the LTA 1000HR, LTA 1000G and LTA 1000Y.
Fore more information or technical detials please visit Lite-On or contact our sales department.

Texas Instruments
16-Channel constant-current LED sink driver.

The TLC5926 is designed for LED displays and LED lighting applications with open-load, shorted-load, overtemperature detection and constant-current control.

This IC cont
ains a 16-bit shift register and data latches, which convert serial input data into parallel output format. Used in systems designed for LED display applications (e.g., LED panels), the TLC5926 provides great flexibility and device performance. The TLC5926 is designed for up to 17V at the output port.

As of now the TLC 5926IPWPR is available at Huijzer Components.

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Texas Instruments

Catalyst Semiconductor
CAT 4016Y-T2 now added to our standard delivery progam.

One of the latest additions to our standard delivery program is the CAT 4016Y-T2 from Catalyst Semiconductor. This very clever 16 Channel constant current LED driver is available in various packages. At Huijzer we support the CAT 4016W-T1 in SOP-24 package and the CAT 4016Y-T2 in a comprehensive TSSOP-24 package.

LED channel currents are programmed together via an external RSET resistor. Low output voltage operation on the LED channels as low as 0.4V (for 2 to 100mA LED current) allows for more power efficient designs. A serial output data pin allows multiple devices to be cascaded and programmed via one serial interface.

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Microchip Technology
22 bit Serial,  Della Sigma Converter MCP 3551.

New at Huijzer Components, the 22 bit Serial Input, Della Sigma Converter MCP 3551.
At present we support both MCP3551-E/SN and MCP3551-E/MS.

With a s
tandard temperature operating range from -25C°  till + 125C° this converter can be applied in almost all environments. Despite these conditions the MCP 3551 has an overall effective resolution  of 21.9 bit and a noise-level of only 2.5µV-RMS.

With the addition of the MCP 3551 we support the full MCP 355x range.

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NXP Semiconductors
New ARM7 TMDI processors from NXP

These micro-controllers are particularly suitable for industrial control, medical systems and access control.

A 128-bit wide memory interface and an unique accelerator architecture enable 32-bit code execution at maximum clock rate.

The main features are:
  • Fast GPIO ports enable port pin toggling up to 3.5 times faster than the original device.
  • Dedicated result registers for ADC(s) reduce interrupt overhead
  • SPI programmable data length and master mode enhancement.
  • 16/32-bit ARM7TDMI-S microcontroller in a LQFP144 package.
New at Huijzer Components amongst others, LPC 2212FBD144/01, LPC 2292FBD144/01,
LPC 2361FBD100 and LPC 2378FBD144.

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Display Elektronik
Display Elektronik has extended their range with 2 series
COG (Chip on Glass) modules

As a leading manufacturer of graphic LCD modules, Display Elektronik has extended their range with 2 series of COG (Chip on Glass) modules. All these new modules are either available from stock or within 2 weeks.

The advantage of COG modules versus standard LCD modules is their low weight and their shallow installation depth. E.g. the heaviest and thickest COG module (DEM 240064) still only weights 73 gram and can be used almost everywhere with a depth of only 7.2mm.

All modules are standard equipped with LED backlight. The series we support cover the range from 120x64 pixels till 240x160 pixels. Divided over this range we support white on blue in STN quality and black on white in FSTN quality. 


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The FT 245, the second generation USB to UART, FIFO interface

The FT 245 is the second generation USB to UART, FIFO interface from Future Technology Devices International.

FTDI is focused on the development and production of  IC solutions, concentrating on the Universal Serial Bus (USB), such as USB to UART interface, or USB to FIFO interface.

At Huijzer Components we already stock the FT245BL in a QFP-32 package and as of now we will also stock the FT 245RL, housed in a comprehensive SSOP-28  package.

Typical applications for the TFDI chips are for example, USB to
RS232, RS422 or RS485 converters, with more and more these chips being used in PDA for USB applications.

For more information about other FTDI chips and availability please contact our sales-desk.

Sunon's latest development, the HA series.

The super-silent HA series was specifically developed for home appliances. The geometry of the rotor blades and air flow of the system are carefully designed to match each other and results in the lowest possible noise-level.

The design of the HA series is based on SUNON's micro-motor technology
.       This creates maximum space for the air-flow and allows for very large blades. The combination of all these techniques allows for a fan with high cooling performance at a hardly noticeable noise-level.

The specification for the HA60151V4-999 in a nutshell:

U nominal
Noise level
I nominal

The HA series is available in frame sizes from 40-120mm.

For more information please visit Sunon, or contact our sales department.

NXP Semiconductors
NXP has not enough words to describe
their latest HF-MOSFET the BLF 578XR.

The latest, the strongest. NXP has not enough words to describe their latest HF-MOSFET the BLF 578XR. With a maximum of 1200W HF power this MOSFET is indeed the best of all modules. Besides this the output has a double protection for short-circuit or ballast loss.

At NXP they are so proud about this almost indestructible MOSFET their has been released a video showing a short circuit test, please click
here to watch this video.

This amplifier design can be used in synchrotron particle accelerators, but can also be used for other applications at the frequency of 352MHz and as of now available at Huijzer Components.

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NXP Semiconductors.

The MAX 16834, Extremely powerful and easy to use.

Intently designed for use as automotive back light driver, this Step-Down (Buck) and Step-Up (Boost) converter is very versatile in use. A pre-scaler can be connected to the UVEN input to set the output, but instead it is also possible to connect a PWM signal.

Some other key advantages are;

* Wide Input Operating Voltage Range (4.75V to 28V)        
* 3000:1 PWM Dimming/Analog Dimming          
* Integrated PWM Dimming MOSFET Driver      
* Fault Output (FLT) for Over-voltage,
   Over-current, and Thermal Warning Faults

All in all a very comprehensive IC recommendable for various applications. 

As of now the MAX 16834AUP+ is available at Huijzer Components.

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Excelitas Technologies  
LDR in width variety still available for most any application.

Photo conductive cell's, also known as Light Depending Resistor still available in a width variety from Excelitas Technologies. Known for many years as a manufacturer for high-end opto-electronics, Excelitas Technologies introduced a new range of sensors some years ago, for the consumer market.

most popular models are concentrated in the VT800 & VT900 series.
ith Rlow as low as 6K up till Rhigh 150K Excelitas Technologies has a suitable LDR for almost any application.

At Huij
zer Components we support for the consumer applications a wide variety of the VT200, VT300, VT400,VT800 & VT900 series. For the more professional applications we support the A1050 & A1060 series.

Please visit our website for full details and availability or visit Excelitas Technologies.


Power Integrations
Zero No-Load Consumption Integrated Off-Line Switcher.

LinkZero-LP, an upgrade to PI's popular LinkSwitch-LP, incorporates new technology which enables the device to automatically enter into and wake up from no-load mode while dissipating less than 5mW - substantially less than the IEC definition of zero no-load power consumption.

The tightly specified FEEDBACK pin voltage reference enables univ
ersal input primary side regulated power supplies with accurate constant voltage from 5% to full load. Start-up and operating power are derived directly from the DRAIN pin which eliminates start-up circuitry. The internal oscillator frequency is jittered to significantly reduce both quasi-peak and average EMI, minimizing filter cost.

The LNK 574DG is now available from stock. For more information please contact our sales department or visit
Power Integrations.

Osram Opto Semiconductors

Active for more than 30 Years,  BPW 34 PIN photodiode

Introduced in the seventies, the BPW 34 has proven to be a solid and versatile Infra-Red detector.

Also the package has been kept up to date over the years. At present the BPW 34 is available in a "classic" true hole, SMD and a Reverse Gullwing package.

With a wavelength sensibility from 400nM to 1100nM the BPW 34 can be deployed in many applications.

With a r
educed wavelength sensibility the BPW 34 is also available with an integrated IR filter as BP 104.

Please visit Osram Opto Semiconductors for more technical information or contact our sales department.


Texas Instruments

Available for quite some time, the PCM 1781 is still worthwhile some extra attention.

The functions: 24-Bit, 192-kHz Sampling, Enhanced Multilevel, Delta-Sigma, Audio D-A Converter.

The featu
res: 24-Bit Resolution, Analog Performance (VCC = 5 V): Dynamic Range:106 dB, SNR: 106 dB typical, THD+N: 0.002%, typical.

Typical applications: A/V Receivers, DVD movie players, HDTV receivers, Car audio systems and much much more.

ing all this is housed in a SSOP/QSOP-16 package, we can only say it is a high performance circuit. Especially considering the price level.

At present we have added the PCM 1781DBQG4 to our standard stock. Please visit our website for actual pricing.

For more technical information please contact our sales department or visit Texas Instruments.

Sharp Microelectronics  
LED Modules for lightning applications  

Full production and now available in production volumes. 

At a VCC of 10.2V the power consumption is only 8W. Despite this low power consumption, it still enables the module to produce a luminous flux of 355lm with a colourtemperature of 2700K.

At Huijzer we support GW5BTF -27K00, -35K00 & -65K00.
Respectively Warm-white, Diffused-white and Cold-white. 

The modules have a very comprehensive package of only 12x15mm, what allows you to design this module in almost any application.

For more technical information please visit
Sharp Microelectronics or contact our sales desk.

Melexis Microelectronic Integrated Systems
Single and Dual Zone Infra Red Thermometer
in TO-39.

Both MLX90614ESF-BAA (3V) & MLX90614ESF-AAA (5V) are intelligent IR sensors. They consist out of 1 or 2 thermpiles, an Op-Amp and a Delta-sigma A/D converter. Due to this construction the measurement is very stable and digital available at pins 1-2.

The digital output has a SMBus compatible digital interface what allows direct interface with most of the common µprocessors.

Other features and benefits are: Small size, Low cost, High accuracy of 0.5°C over wide temperature, Measurement resolution of 0.02°C and Simple adaptation
for 8…16V applications.

For more technical information please contact our sales department or visit

Linear Technology     
Easy to use, High in performance                     

Linear's LT1300CN8#PBF is a micropower step-up DC/DC converter that utilizes Burst Mode™ operation. The device can deliver 5V or 3.3V from a two-cell battery input. In the basic configuration only 4 external components are needed.  

This makes it possible to implement this circuit in almost any situation.

Despite it's limited number of external components the LT1300CN8#PBF can deliver up till 220mA with an accuracy of maximum 50mV.

As of now the LT1300CN8#PBF is in stock at Huijzer Components.

For more detailed information please visit Linear Technology or contact our sales department.


Microchip Technology
DSPIC30F3011 16-bit Digital Signal Controllers  

Not specifically new, but used more and more. For this reason the DSPIC 30F3011 has been added as a standard stock-item.

Unfortunately it is not possible to display all features in the short newsletter. Therefore we will only give a short summary of the most important key features.

High-Performance Modified RISC CPU:
• Modified Harvard Architecture
• C Compiler Optimized Instruction Set
  Architecture with Flexible addressing modes
• 83 Base Instructions

Peripheral Features:

• High-current sink/source I/O pins: 25 A/25 mA
• Timer module with programmable prescaler:
• 3-wire SPI modules (supports 4 Frame modes)

DSP Engine Features:
• Five 16-bit timers/counters; optionally paired
• 16-bit timers into 32-bit timer modules

For more technical details please visit
or contact our sales department.  

NEW ! TQ Relays
Low power consumption, low profile, low thermal electromotive force and low pricing. Just some of the key features of Panasonic TQ-Relays.

By using the highly efficient polar magnetic circuit seesaw balance mechanism, a nominal operating power of only 140 mW has been achieved (minimum operating power of 79 mW).

High-efficiency magnetic circuits ensure low magnetic flux leakage. Because characteristics are little changed by proximity mounting,
high-density mounting is still possible.

For more technical details please visit
panasonic or contact our sales department.
Linear Technology
LTC 1535 Full-duplex isolation

The LTC1535 is an isolated RS485 full-duplex differential line transceiver. Isolated RS485 is ideal for systems where the ground loop is broken to allow much larger common mode voltage ranges.

An internal capacitive isolation barrier provides 2500VRMS of isolation between the line transceiver and the logic level interface.

The powered side contains a 420kHz push-pull converter to power the isolated RS485 transceiver. Internal full-duplex communication occurs through the capacitive isolation barrier. The transceiver meets
RS485 and RS422 requirements.
UL Recognized

Especially for this part there are many application-examples available.

For more detailed information, pricing and availability, please contact our sales department.

Agilent Technologies     
PLC Powerline DAA IC
The HCPL-800J is a galvanically isolated Powerline Data Access Arrangement IC.

It provides the key features of isolation, Tx line driver and Rx amplifier as required in a powerline modem application. Used together with a simple LC coupling circuit, the HCPL-800J offers a highly integrated, cost effective Analogue Front End (AFE) solution.

Optical coupling technology provides very high isolation mode rejection, facilitating excellent EMI & EMC performance.

As of today available at Huijzer Components. For more detailed information or pricing, please contact our
sales department.

In-System Programmable Configuration PROMs

Xilinx introduces the Platform Flash series of in-system programmable configuration PROMs. Available in 1 to 32 Megabit (Mbit) densities, these PROMs provide an easy-touse, cost-effective, and re-programmable method for storing large Xilinx FPGA configuration bitstreams. The Platform Flash PROM series includes both the 3.3V XCFxxS PROM and the 1.8V XCFxxP PROM. The XCFxxS version includes 4-Mbit, 2-Mbit, and 1-Mbit PROMs that support Master Serial and Slave Serial FPGA configuration modes.

At Huijzer Components we support the next models, XCF01S-VOG20, XCF02S-VOG20 and XCF04S-VOG20 all in a comprehensive TSSOP-20 outline for mimimum board-space.


  • In-System Programmable PROMs for Configuration of
     Xilinx® FPGAs
  • Low-Power Advanced CMOS NOR Flash Process
  • Endurance of 20,000 Program/Erase Cycles
  • Operation over Full Industrial Temperature Range
     (–40°C to +85°C)

For pricing or more technical information, please
contact our sales department.

National Semiconductor      
Booster converter LM273x

More power and less board space.
With the introduction of the LM 273x serie, National Semiconductor presents a new, powerful booster converter
that needs a minimum of external components in a comprehensive SOT-23 package.

Some of the key features:
  • 40V DMOS FET switch
  • 1.6 MHz (“X”), 0.6 MHz (“Y”) switching frequency
  • Switch current up to 1A
  • Wide input voltage range (2.7V–14V)
  • Low shutdown current (<1 μA)
  • Uses tiny capacitors and inductors
  • Cycle-by-cycle current limiting
As of now the LM 2733YMF/NOPB is available at Huijzer Components either in production or in prototyping quantities.

For more information and availability, please contact our
sales department.

Stereo transmitter BA1404(F)

For some time ROHM SEMICONDUCTOR developed a FM stereo transmitter with a low supply voltage of only 1.25V. Typically suited for battery use with applications such as, wireless microphone or wireless headset. The BA 1404 device contains a stereo modulator, an FM modulator, and an RF-amplifier. The FM modulator oscillates a carrier in the FM broadcast band ( 76 - 108 MHz.) and modulates it with the composite signal. Both DIL-18 and SO-18 package are available from stock at Huijzer Components. 

For more detailed information, pricing and availability, please contact our sales department.

20W Stereo Class D Speaker Amplifier with Volume Control  

The MAX9744 20W stereo Class D audio power amplifier provides Class AB amplifier performance with Class D efficiency, conserving board space and eliminating the need fo r a bulky heat sink.

This device features single-supply operation, adjustable gain, shutdown mode, a SYNC output, speaker mute, and industry-leading click-and-pop suppression.

For more information and availability, please contact our
sales department.

New generation DT-MOS

Toshiba introduces there latest DT-MOS Products

The latest generation of high-voltage power MOSFET's significantly decrease switching losses and power consumption. This enables greater efficiency in AC/DC power supplies including adapters for notebook and desktop computers, servers, flat panel displays and those used in ballast lighting.

For example the newest TK20A60U(Q)

• Low drain-source ON-resistance: RDS (ON) = 0.165 Ω (typ.)
• High forward transfer admittance: |Yfs| = 12 S (typ.)
• Low leakage current: IDSS = 100 μA (VDS = 600 V)
• Enhancement-mode: Vth = 3.0 to 5.0 V (VDS = 10 V, ID = 1 mA)

All this in Fully insulated TO-220 package.

For more detailed information, pricing and availability, please contact our sales department or visit

HAHN transformers, update  
Reliable transformers, available in a wide variety. Starting as small as 0.35VA, HAHN transformers are available up till 60VA. All these transformers are suited for PCB mounting. The models of 6VA and up are additional equipped with mounting flanges to ensure a firm mounting on the PCB.

At Huijzer Components we support most of the series in various voltage outputs. For the exact availability please visit our web-site.
As we have various sources for these transformers, most of the type's are available with a short lead time and for very competitive prices.

Please contact our sales department for more information.

Great in audio circuits

The TDA7449 is a volume tone (bass and treble) balance (Left/Right) processor for quality audio applications specially designed for TV systems, but also very easy to implement in various other systems. Now also available in SmallPackingQuantity.

Selectable input gain is provided. Control of all the functions is accomplished by serial bus. This build in serial bus adds an extra dimension to many applications. Thanks to the used BIPOLAR/CMOS Technology, Low Distortion, Low Noise and DC stepping are obtained.

For more detailed information, pricing and availability, please contact our sales department.
The data sheet is available at

Linear Technology     
DC/DC converters  
  Linear Technology has always been very active with DC/DC Converters. One of the latest additions at Huijzer Components is the LT 1302xx. This is a Micropower, High Output Current Step-Up Adjustable DC/DC Converter.

The most important features for this part are:
  • 5V at 600mA or 12V at 120mA from 2-Cell Supply
  • 200mA Quiescent Current     
  • Logic Controlled Shutdown to 15mA
  • Current Mode Operation for Excellent Line and Load Transient Response
  • Available in 8-Lead SO or DIP 
  • Operates with Supply Voltage as Low as 2V
The internal low loss NPN power switch can handle current in excess of 2A and switch at frequencies up to 400kHz. Quiescent current is just 200mA and can be further reduced to 15mA in shutdown.

Please contact our sales department for further information.

ON Semiconductor
Digital Potentiometers

ON Semiconductor latest digital potentiometers

The CAT5113 is a single digitally programmable potentiometer (DPP™), designed as an electronic replacement for mechanical potentiometers. Ideal for automated adjustments on high volume production lines. They are also well suited for applications which require periodic adjustment in either a difficult to access environment, hazardous or remote environment.

  • 100-position linear taper potentiometer
  • Non-volatile EEPROM wiper storage
  • 10nA ultra-low standby current
  • Single supply operation: 2.5V – 6.0V
  • Increment up/down serial interface
  • Resistance values: 1kΩ, 10kΩ, 50kΩ and 100kΩ
For more detailed information, pricing and availability, please contact our sales department.

Lowest current consumption in the industry; only 0.35uA  
A current consumption of only 0.35µA. A 1 channel high-speed-response type with a slew rate of 0.05V/µs at 8.5µA is also available. Optimized for signal amplification in compact, portable applications requiring lower voltage operation and reduced current consumption. The broad line-up includes ground sense and full swing types capable of operation up to either +85ºC or +105ºC. In addition, all models feature 4kV ESD resistance for greater reliability.
Lowest current consumption in the industry: 0.35µA
(BU7265G/SG, BU7411G/SG)                                 
  • 1.6V operation optimized for battery drive (BU7411G/SG)
  • High slew rate: 0.05V/µs (BU7271G/SG, BU7421G/SG)
  • Selectable input/output specifications
    Full Swing Type (BU7265G/SG, BU7271G/SG)
    ground Sense Type (BU7411G/SG, BU7421G/SG)
  • Wide operating temperature range: -40ºC to +105ºC 
  • High ESD resistance: 4kV
  • Low input bias current: 1pA
  • Compact SSOP5 package equivalent to SOT-23
    (2.9× 2.8× 1.1mm)
Please contact our sales department for further information.