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Havinghastraat 15
1817 DA Alkmaar, the Netherlands

Telephone: +31 (0) 72 56 11 446
Fax: +31 (0) 72 56 24 044

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Besides delivery of electronic parts, Huijzer Components can do more for you. One of our other activities is the design and assembling of PCB’s

For all the different phases of a project we can be of assistance.


Transfer your idea in to a product starts with the design. Huijzer Components can design the entire product, or design with you in co-operation.


After the design a prototype can be manufactured. We can test the proto-type in accordance to your specifications or you can test it yourself.
Depending of the circumstances we can, in co-operation with you select, the option what will give the best results.


For production we have the facility to run production-series from 1-2 pieces to middle range series. Regardless your design is in SMD, conventional or a combination of both, Huijzer Components can take care of all of this.


As a final step the PCB’s will be tested. In accordance to your wishes there will be set up a test-procedure. When you supply us with more equipment, we can also arranged a test for your complete application. All in accordance to your wishes.

Advantages of assembling at Huijzer Components

  • Flexible
  • Small Series possible
  • With our knowledge of electronic components we can support you with a solid advice in regards to the components (not) to use
  • Fast service
  • All phases can be offered separately