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DSI Discrete Semiconductors - Read this in Dutch -

Company History

DSI is founded in 1985 by Verton, Walbern, Codi and Adatronik. In the factory at Riviera Beach, Florida, they worked at the production of professional components in accordance of European and American Military specification.  DSI is working continuously to expand their delivery program for the professional industrial market. The initial production was manufacturing power transistors and RF power transistors all in accordance to the PRO-ELECTRON and JEDEC specifications.

Since 1994 the DSI headquarters is located in Germany. Huijzer Components is distributer for the
Benelux countries since 1997.

What can DSI do for you
When you are confronted with obsolete components, usually there are two options left:
  • Re-design
  • Search for an equivalent
  • Take component in production
At this point you need DSI. DSI offers you the opportunity to re-start the production of your part ???.
As DSI is working very close with customer specifications, there even can be an option to change or
narrow some of the specifications, such as noise, gain or package.

What kind of components are available
In theory are all discrete components that consist out of 1, 2, 3 or maximum 4 crossings available.
The following secondary criteria has to be considered:
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Development
  • Delivery time
Please feel free to enter your request and find out if your part is, or could be, available at DSI.